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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Operation Mockingbird in the Media


APTN, not "Tiger Aspect", credited for the "Brooklyn Bridge Footage"
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Matt wrote:
"Long story short, see Chris Bornag's article, Tracking 9/11: "The Brooklyn Bridge Footage" and its use on the 2003 PsyOps for War [http://www.reocities.com/chrisbornag/brooklyn.htm.
Contrary to Bornag's study, aparchive.com [http://www.aparchive.com/Search.aspx?st=shwc&xslt=scssr&id=75905] gives these details: "Story No. X01885; Title: September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8." Source is "Tiger Aspect."

For a while the shot was attributed to terrorists due to a mistake (or deception) by the mainstream media and/or FBI [http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3660553. The fact that this piece of video was shot or purchased by Associated Press (AP), coupled with the fact that the FBI recently released the video on a DVD in response to a FOIA request, suggests deception [http://www.penttbom.com/. Watch the Penttbom version now

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K-WjsHa_2k#t=1m2s] is -73.994125, 40.704294. "

Matt was credited with one earlier finding:

1 -
"A recent finding by the 9-11_TV_archive showed to me that pieces of the same "Brooklyn Bridge Footage" were seen in a 2002 UK documentary by Michael Attwell and his "MAP-TV": "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" There at time 3:13-16 Then: There at time 0:01-0:17 Then: To
see additional credits at the end. The "Archive" credits for that documentary are:
CBS News
Gamma Press USA
ITN Archive
Tiger Aspect Productions
Erik Tischler

This is the only early source, found by Matt, mentioning "Tiger Aspect Productions".

The other three earlier sources found thus far were:

2a -
The nationwide public broadcasting station PBS – NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" with an airing date: April 30, 2002. At the very beginning of the program, New York’s World Trade Center can be seen from across the East River in Brooklyn while the narrator declares "By now you've seen the images..." [This program has been retransmitted by the same station].

The archive material sources can still be seen online:
Archive Material:
ABC News
Associated Press Television News
CNN Image Source
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Gamma Press USA
ITN Archive
Molesworth Enterprises, Inc.
NBC News Archives
New York City Police Department
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Channel 7

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by the PBS – NOVA, but “Associated Press Television News” which abbreviated is “APTN”).

3 -
By the cable TV, TLC – Discovery, "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse". Release Company: Artisan Entertainment. August 20, 2002. Here, fragments of the footage are seen multiple times in the second part of the program.
The archival material sources that this TLC - Discovery Channel documentary presents are:
ABC Video Source
Conus Communications
Footage Direct
Getty Images
Index Stockshots
Lucia Davis
MacDonald & Associates
Ronald S. Pordy
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

[Archival material found in the French Version of this documentary, entitled: "Les Twin Towers: Autopsie D'Un Effondrement", a darlow production in association with Channel Four &
The Learning Channel. Channel Four Television Corporation MMII]

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by the TLC - Discovery Channel, but, again “APTN”).

4 -
The now fourth source for that same footage was seen in a documentary by Daniel Hopsicker, who released his documentary "Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus" on August 15,

2b -
To determine who did that video, we compared the "Archive Material" credits at the end of the THREE TV documentaries mentioned before. Furthermore, we compared a fourth documentary also aired by PBS-NOVA on 2006, described as the sequel of "Why the Towers Fell" by PBS, whose title was "Building on Ground Zero" and where we can see again the very same ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ footage. [PBS – NOVA 2006]. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wtc
Archival Material:
Associated Press
Television News
Federal Emergency Management Agency
ITN Archive
New York City Police Department
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
James A Bonner Productions - Philadelphia Fire Films
KWTV News 9
Oklahoma City National Memorial

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by PBS – NOVA but the “Associated Press Television News”).

On December of 2003 with the heat of the war on Iraq, an expert investigative newscaster declared that such 9/11 footage: "may be never-before-broadcast video." However, to the best of our knowledge, such video was presented at least FOUR times on 9/11 documentaries before 2003, THREE of them on TV.

With the evidence available at that time the only common source credited for the THREE programs airing the "Brooklyn Bridge Footage" was:
The “Associated Press Television News” (abbreviated as " APTN " by the TLC - Discovery).

It was not until recently, as mentioned by Matt, that the Associated Press posted the next:

"www.aparchive.com [http://www.aparchive.com/Search.aspx?st=shwc&xslt=scssr&id=75905]
gives these details: "Story No. X01885; Title: September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8." Source: "Tiger Aspect."

So, I did a quick check on this "Tiger Aspect" company and this is what I found:

Tiger Aspect, which reportedly had been up for sale in the early 2000s, continued to seek partners in order to broaden the range of its expansion interests.

Targeting International Markets in the 2000s
Tiger Aspect's interests increasingly turned international by the dawn of the 21st century. Tigress Productions, for example, opened an office in Washington, D.C.

If "Tiger Aspect" is the "real" source and not "APTN", why it was not credited by the at least THREE sources mentioned above (PBS - NOVA missing TWICE (in 2002 and 2006) the
opportunity to properly credit it!!!), its archive sources are documented with links to the original PBS station. And the TLC - Discovery Channel not crediting it to "Tiger Aspect" in 2002.

That's why now I conclude that the “Associated Press Television News” is the only common match to the above archival sources and is abbreviated as " APTN " by the TLC - Discovery documentary. So we have written evidences in the end credits of three documentaries that “APTN “was the "friendly" source for the FBI... Why aparchive.com credits it to "Tiger Aspect"? If aparchive.com is wrong, it needs correct it, so I'm sending it this one. Do they have any evidence to support that claim? Does it really matter to anybody anymore? ...

Footage also found at: Sept 11, 2001 #2 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-480304891269991297

Clip 3 of 14 ~ 2:55 - 4:27 of 20:45

P200015 Compilation of videotape of the World Trade Center taken on September 11, 2001 [This video includes 14 clips and runs 20 minutes, 46 seconds. Viewer discretion is advised. Clip one is copyrighted by Goldfish Pictures.] http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov/notablecases/moussaoui/exhibits/prosecution/P200015.html These exhibits were posted on the Internet on July 31, 2006.

Writing to "Tiger Aspect"

Tiger Aspect,
According to the Associated Press video Archive, you are credited with the next 9/11 Brooklyn Bridge Footage:
Page 2. Video 22
September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8
Tiger Aspect: North Tower On Fire, Plane Hitting South Tower, Shot From Beneath The Brooklyn Bridge
Tiger Aspect. LS Twin Towers (shot from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge), North Tower on fire. CU Towers then pull out to long shot. MS Twin Towers. LS Twin Towers. CU Twin Towers. LS Plane hitting South
Story No: X01885 Source: Tiger Aspect
Date: 11/9/2001

Is that true? How is it that earlier documentaries showing that footage never acknowledged you?

Answer by Tiger Aspect:

"Tiger Aspect" is the owner of the footage, however APTN collects money for anybody else willing to use of this footage.

"On the 18th of June 2010 14:57, in "the statement and report for May10", Associated Press Television News (APTN) asked Tiger Aspect to be invoiced or charged $1157.13 for APTN's use of Tiger Aspect's footage (APTN itself asked Tiger Aspect to be charged those Royalties), now, if anybody else wants to use in a documentary, Associated Press collect/charge for the use of this clip that Tiger Aspect owns."

With this new information, and by checking back the aforementioned documentaries' credits, we see that when Michael Attwell and his "MAP-TV" did "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" ("in the fall" of 2002), only "Tiger Aspect Productions" is mentioned

Public TV first aired it Sept. 1, 2003. http://www.aptonline.org/catalog.nsf/bpt/C62B0C78DDD0725E85256D5F00611E99?OpenDocument
The rtf and pdf of the last link says this on its copyright: © 2002 Michael Atwell Productions/Channel Five.

Bafta Head Says Change Is Good
Publication: The Hollywood Reporter
Date: Tuesday, August 27 2002
"Television producer Michael Attwell on July 2 began a two-year term as chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, succeeding film producer Simon Relph. A veteran of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, Attwell now is managing director of his own production company, MAP-TV. His feature-length documentary "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" will air in the fall on Channel 5, Discovery Europe, ZDF and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp."

However, in April 30, 2002, "Tiger Aspect Productions" disappears from the credits while "Associated Press Television News" appears in the credits of PBS – NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" with an airing date: April 30, 2002, and as APTN in August 20, 2002 in the credits of the TLC – Discovery, documentary "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse". Release Company: Artisan Entertainment.

Concluding: "Tiger Aspect" is the owner, leasing it to APTN, which is the sub-leaser of it.

"broken sticks" wrote om Aug 23 2010, 04:18 PM [Posts: 2,332. Member #105. Joined: Jan 3, 2009]: "Congratulations on something paying off! good work. so the way that reads to me, APTN paid for the rights to play the clip, and used canny legal planning to make money from it whenever its used now? corporate investment in plane videos."

The most recent answer received:
Dear Chris
It was one of Tiger Aspect’s Cameraman who was filming a factual production at the time in NY and heard the 1st plane go into the tower, turned his camera around and filmed the 2nd plane hit. That is how Tiger got the footage.
As for rights cost etc this clip is looked after for us by Benna George at Associated Press.
Many thanks.

YougeneDebs [Posts: 734. Group: Perspectivist. Member #182. Joined: Mar 30, 2009] on Sep 4 2010, 02:22 AM responded:
Just to be clear: "one of Tiger Aspect’s Cameraman" (sic) was 'under' the Brooklyn Bridge when WTC1 was hit, then "turned his camera around and..." -- after waiting some 18 minutes! -- "filmed the 2nd plane hit" at about 9"03??? So, there's some 18 minutes of film prior to the second hit from under the Brooklyn Bridge? Did I get that right?

It seems correct, the documentary aired by TLC - Discovery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yStlfBOIBfo
Shows earlier shots from that camera, with choppers and other smaller aircraft flying around even earlier than their clip presented at:Sept 11, 2001 #2 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-480304891269991297
Clip 3 of 14 ~ 2:55 - 4:27 of 20:45

The last one sent that was never answered:
Dear Martin,
Can we access its raw footage in its full extension (100%), and the information about the whereabouts of its filmmaker before and after filming it (for example: what was he doing in NY that day, his personal experience of having been there, his memories of 9/11 nine years later, etc.)? Commemorating 9/11, lest we forget...


The Operation Mockingbird in the media is gradually being unmasked as well:

The left and the right "wings," the Democrats and Republicans are indeed the two hands of the same "winged dragon," chosen for the people by crooked monopoly organizations like the Bilderberg Group. You can see by yourself how the corrupt government of Democrat Bill Clinton and Al Gore sold the media to the big companies (yeah, the supposed party FOR the people), eliminating the grass roots little radio and TV stations, allowing media monsters to monopolize the airwaves, like the thousands of Channels bought by the muddy "Clear Channel" and other mock-media. Now is the perverse government of Republicans George W. Bush and Dick Cheney the one in charge of doing the same against this God-given freedom that we have on the Internet to post studies, thoughts and news NOT attended by the corrupted mainstream media. See here the full program number three of "Moyers In America", entitled The Net At Risk. Once you are there, check the full program on the corruption of the Republican party, personified in "Capitol Crimes," featuring hypocrites like Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Mike Scanlon, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, etc., etc.

Alan Colmes - Fox News - 9/11 Inside Job Calls by John Conner #

Sean Hannity Jammed on the 9/11 Inside Job by John Conner #

Michael Savage - The 9/11 Inside Job Call by John Conner #

Bill O'Reilly Spins Away From Bohemian Grove Questions *

Fox's Bill O'Reilly insane behaviour in his own O'Reilly Factor. Jeremy M. Glick son of Port Authority Father killed on WTC dares to say the truth on TV Fox News (4-2-2003.) O'reilly is a joke... "no-spin zone"? Yeah right, he spins everything from the 9-11 truth, to the Bohemian Grove. Watch how Bill O'Reilly bullies Jeremy Glick and shows no sensitivity to what Jeremy is saying. Poor Bill, thought this Kid was gonna roll over in the presence of the 'legend in his own factor zone', Bill was err wrong, Glick creates a situation through facts that blows Bill's right wing truth denying brain implant, Although Glick was wrong about George Bush sr being Director of the CIA funding the Mujahaddin, that started in 1979, and Bush was gone by 1977, apart from that I think he was largely on the nail. After that, off air Bill O'Reilly threatened M. Glick physically and verbally [Glick declared that on a radio interview].

Rick Roberts KFMB Shills for Bohemian Grove *


* To understand the oddities of Bohemian Grove and its research you need to see the next Alex Jones Movie:

The Order of Death (Alex Jones)

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove Photo Montage

Alex Jones - Bush and Kerry members Order of Death

# John Conner has been systematically ridiculed by the Op. Mockinbird gatekeepers, however, hear and see by yourself some of the bold things that John Conner has to say:

John Conner Talks To U.S. Marines about 9/11

John Conner Faxing The White House

The 9/11 Nightmare (Pink Floyd's The Wall 911 Video Remix)

The Resistance Manifesto Trailer

Verichip Commercial [to see the fear factor instilled by mockingbird Hannity to promote the use of the deshumanizing microchip, see the next Alex Jones' clip after min. 3:50]

Terminators - Real Robotic Killers [We know that technology can be used to do good or to wrong-doing, we also know that the final use of Technology, in the prophecy of Revelation will be to do evil at the hands of the Antichrist, believe it or not!]

Dear Sean Hannity (Eminem Stan Satire)

A detailed analysis of the Beheading of Nick Berg indicates that it was done by Bush and collaborators, & now Berg's father and many others are working to oppose more of the Bush crimes against Americans and against Humanity (Not In Our Name, NION). The same are doing more than 400 relatives of the 911 victims (updates for this in particular: one, two, three), and individuals by themselves like the RICO's suit vs. Bush by widow Mariani whose husband was killed by the Black Operation 911. Another group of 911 victims are also suing Saudis, and here.

The rescue of Jessica Lynch was staged, the fake Bin Ladin tape carefully analyzed by Loose Change V.2, media reporters in Iraq are restricted to a four square ugly building being feed by disinformation by the same planners and executors of Black Operation 911. Even the fabrication of a terrorist and the timing of the picture of Al-Zarqawi's face retouched after being killed by a fulminating missile seems to respond to Bush's own political campaign, the same can be said of the London bombings of 7-7-05 (Giuliani was there while Bush was meeting international leaders to convince them to "fight terrorism", yes, the terrorism fabricated by themselves terrorizers...) All the False Flag operation of spreading military strains of Anthrax inside the regular mail was also sponsored by Bush and collaborators.

Another example of operation mockingbird is the spreading of fake, of histories of extraterrestrials, UFOs, alien abductions, etc... all of them calculated and deliberated deceptions to distract the public's attention from the real and very expensive Black Operations that are still developing more and more cloaked aircraft and other concealed devices plus ultramodern weaponry as well as strategies of mass control and public opinion manipulation [Steven Spielberg being one of the foremost black-project dis-informants through his movies]. Prelude to Stealth, Deception and Death, by Keith Harmon Snow (U. of Massachusetts) has been just one of the isolated efforts to unmask the living threat to America and to the world posed by those black operations. That is backfiring over the American Citizens who with their Tax money are unawares financing all of those deeply hidden projects supervised by the CIA and by the other secretive agencies. Here you can see how the UFO phenomenon has been a very secretive program since the end of World War II, secretive technologies brought to the USA by scientists from Germany and Japan, protected by secretive agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc...) and leading to Black Operation 911, covert programs very well known by the Bush Administration, by Cheney, by Rumsfeld, and by the three criminal Bushes with political positions: by Bush, Bush and Bush... And what about Blair's help to Bush? Also the recent British "stopped plot" against terrorists using liquid explosives, may be a big fat lie, as all of that has been... that lie only increased the already big annoyance at the Airports (and all for Bush's False Flag Terrorism, by his Inside Job to "increase his popularity and platform"): "Government connection to UK plot? August 12th, 2006. It appears that George Galloway (pictured in that link), an MP (member of parliament) was highly respected by one of the suspects in the UK plane plot. According to a Sun article, the two met often. Interesting… " [Found by Joel, filed under World News.]

Remember that they have been practicing the Mocking of the Media at least in a grand scale since the CIA - Joint Chiefs of Staff co-sponsored assassination of JFK.

Multiple advanced devices, product of those Black Operations were used on 911 to deceive the American population and the world! Is not right to covertly attack the American population with the very same technologies that they have been financing without knowing it! The same kind of vehicles seen in the Black Operation 911 are the ones developed by the secretive military Black Operations, like the next video taken from Groom Lake (Area 51) since 1990. Compare its movement with one of the birdets filmed by Rick A. Siegel (in MPEG), the camouflage style, the cloaking is also similar to the ones presented here and here. Apart of Mockingbirds, COINTELPROs, Deprogrammers and "reverse psychologists", among many others, are also in full action.

Additional examples confirming the Black Operation 911 deception are the "UFOs" entries for September the 11th 2001:


The next recent video sumarizes the situation: Terrorstorm, by Alex Jones.


Blogger A Restrainer said...

Excerpts from:

Big Lies, by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen [p. 37-43, 70 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time, Citadel Press, Carol Pubishing Group, 1998.]

When the Reagan administration got caught scaremongering lies about Libya, Secretary of State George Schultz felt obliged to quote Winston Churchill: “In time of war,” he said, “the truth is so precious it must be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” Of course, the United States wasn’t actually at war with Libya, but it was, Schultz helpfully offered, “pretty darn close.” In fact, Schultz had his sequence of events a bit confused. It was the bodyguard of lies that actually helped get us “pretty darn close” to war in the first place--not exactly what Churchill had in mind…

When it comes to the black art of espionage, we’ve come to expect the most devious means and the worst intentions. But there’s something especially rankling when the U.S. government purposely deceives the American public.

Not surprisingly, the CIA, ever on the socio-technological cutting edge, pioneered propaganda as a form of “mind control” to help mold public opinion during the heyday of the Cold War. Once-secret CIA documents from the early 1950s describe “broad” mind control operations both overseas and domestically (in violation of the Agency’s charter) and high-level meetings convened to discuss “the broader aspects of psychology as it pertains to the control of groups or masses. . . .” Drawing on the lingo of Madison Avenue, Agency officials pondered “means for combating communism and ’selling’ democracy.”

Consumers of this psychological bill of goods were often American citizens. Ironically, part of the propaganda operation was an effort to convince the public that it was the Soviets (and certainly not the CIA) who had unilaterally launched a “sinister. . . battle for men’s minds” involving “brain perversion techniques. . . so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them,” as Agency director Allen Dulles intoned in a foreboding speech. Edward Hunter, a CIA propagandist-turned-"journalist,” coined the lurid term, “brainwashing,” and the official government line charged the Chinese and Soviets with bleaching the patriotic brain cells of American soldiers, transforming them into robotic “Manchurian Candidates.”

In reality, though, then-secret CIA memos maintained that there was “no indication of Red use of chemicals” and that the Soviets had no interest in controlling minds via “narcotics, hypnosis, or special mechanical devices.” The CIA, on the other hand, did take great interest in brainwashing foreigners and Americans through its notorious MK-ULTRA program (covered at length in 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time), launched three days after Dulles’s scarifying speech. As authors Martin Lee and Norman Solomon wrote in their book, Unreliable Sources, “It appears that the communist brainwashing scare was a propaganda ploy, a kind of ’brainwashing’ or mind control in its own right designed to dupe the American people.”

An oft-used CIA technique for “disinforming” Americans without breaking the letter of the law involved planting unattributed or “black” propaganda in the foreign press, in hopes that the American media would pick up the bogus story.

According a 1977 New York Times report, former CIA officers “spoke of unmistakable attempts to propagandize the American public indirectly through ’replay’ from the foreign press,” particularly during the Vietnam War. A 1970 CIA assessment spoke of “continued replay of Chile theme materials” in the American press, including the New York Times and Washington Post. “Propaganda activities,” the report went on, “continue to generate good coverage of Chile developments along our theme guidance.”

John Stockwell, head of the CIA’s Angola Task Force during the 1970s, has described planting a phony story in the African press about Cuban soldiers raping Angolan women. Days later, the story made headlines in the American press, as expected.

In wartime (or pretty darn close to it) that celebrated bodyguard of lies has often been mustered, usually to stir up popular support for military adventures. President Johnson used the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which American destroyers were supposedly attacked off the coast of North Vietnam, but really weren’t, as a pretext to escalate the war. In the months leading up to Operation Desert Storm, the Bush administration endorsed, but didn’t concoct, the lie that Iraqi soldiers ripped babies from incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital.

Later, the Pentagon’s claims about the celebrated Patriot missile were exposed as being, shall we say, somewhat phantasmal: In fact, according to several independent analysts, the defense missile missed most of its targets--incoming Iraqi Scud missiles-- and exacted a not inconsiderable amount of damage on the cities they were supposed to be defending.

But when it comes to disinformation in a wide-screen, Cinemascope format, the former thespian Ronald Reagan deserves top billing. Assisted by a gullible press corps, the Reagan administration fobbed off sundry falsehoods on an unsuspecting public.

Early in the Reagan epoch, the State Department reawakened Cold War angst when it released a White Paper purporting to have exposed a global communist conspiracy to arm El Salvador’s leftist rebels. The commie brouhaha was later debunked as a hoax.

Soon after the El Salvador scare, Secretary of State Al Haig warned the world that the Soviets were spraying innocents in Laos, Cambodia, and Afghanistan with a deadly chemical weapon. The poison, dubbed “Yellow Rain,” supposedly fell from the sky with devastating results. The hideous weapon turned out to be the natural drizzle of bee feces. State Department documents eventually emerged indicating that U.S. cold warriors pushed the false story despite warnings by various government analysts that there was no evidence to back it up.

Then there was the aforementioned disinformation campaign against Libyan leader Moammar Qadaffi, who was fingered as the hub of an international terrorist network, the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate Reagan. The goofiest result this campaign of canards was a New York Post headline that read, “MADMAN MOAMARR NOWA DRUGGIE DRAG QUEEN"! Alas, it was too good to be true. A memo from Iran-contra fall-guy John Poindexter to Reagan later surfaced, describing a disinformation program to destabilize the Libyan government.

The Reagan administration took its propaganda efforts seriously enough to establish a de facto bureau of domestic disinformation, dubbed euphemistically, the Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD). Described by a high-ranking U.S. official as a “vast psychological warfare operation” aimed at the American public, the OPD was run by a CIA propagandist whom Agency Director William Casey had transferred to the National Security Council in an effort to sidestep the ban on CIA meddling in domestic affairs. OPD enlisted Army psy war experts in the campaign to win American hearts and minds over to Reagan’s foreign policy.

OPD focused on Reagan’s Nicaragua obsession, especially “gluing black hats” on the leftist Sandinista government and “white hats” on the contras, as a 1986 memo put it. In addition to producing slick fliers and lobbying congress, OPD slipped “scoops” to credulous reporters, including the canard that the Soviets planned to ship MIG fighter planes to Nicaragua.

In 1987, a General Accounting Office probe of OPD concluded that the Reaganites had operated “prohibited, covert propaganda activities” at the expense of the American public. Jack Brooks, the congressman from Texas, called OPD’s work an “illegal operation” intended “to manipulate public opinion and congressional action.” OPD officially shut down soon after the Iran-contra scandal began to make headlines.

And last, but hardly least, are more recent revelations that during the Reagan era the Pentagon doctored the results of “Star Wars” weapons testing. When criticized for concealing the less-than-stellar performance of the high-tech, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle, military brass invoked that old Cold War rationale: We couldn't afford to let the Russkies know we had a space-age lemon on our hands. Of course, fooling the Soviets necessarily meant pulling the wool over congress and the American public, too. Which certainly didn't hurt when it came time to ask for more astronomical funding.

Major Sources:

Lee, Martin A. and Norman Solomon. "Unreliable Sources: A Guide to Detecting Bias in News Media." New York: Lyle Stuart, 1991.

“CIA: Secret Shaper of Public Opinion,” by John M. Crewdson and Joseph B. Treaster, New York Times, 12/25, 12/26 and 12/27/77.

Other articles from the same book and by the same authors:

The Jonestown Massacre. CIA Mind Control Run Amok? [Alternate source showing the early Jones doing CIA experiments on animal mind-control...]

The socialist government of Guyana had piqued the interest of U.S. intelligence for years. If there were covert operations going on there, no one should be surprised... According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, Jones's neighbors in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (where he lived before moving to Rio De Janeiro), remembered his claim to be a retired navy man who "received a monthly payment from the U.S. government" ... Fifteen years later, he would tantalize his Jonestown flock with promises to move the People's Temple from Guyana to the Soviet Union... shortly before the massacre two People's Temple members spirited $500,000 out of the cult's colony to the Soviet embassy... The temple's dalliance with the Soviets, however, is a wholly plausible point of contact between the cult and the Agency... if the temple was, even in part, a CIA operation, then members' sojourns to the Soviet embassy would have had a more pragmatic purpose. .. The CIA was first with news out of Jonestown, reporting the mass suicides. The suicides followed an attack, ordered by Jones, on a party led by Congressman Leo Ryan, in Guyana to investigate alleged human rights abuses at Jonestown. The gunmen struck at Port Kaituma airfield, as the Ryan party was preparing to depart. Ryan was assassinated in the attack. Four others died as well. Several more were shot, including Reiterman, then a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. Among the wounded was U.S. embassy official Richard Dwyer... Wounded, but ambulatory. Did Dwyer stroll back to Jonestown after the airstrip assault? Was he there during the massacre? Reportedly, at one point on a tape recorded as the killings began, Jones's own voice commands, "Get Dwyer out of here!" Reiterman assumes that this was a "mistake" on Jones's part, that Dwyer was not actually there. If he was, however, the implications are chilling. Dwyer was an agent of the CIA. For his part, Dwyer neither confirms nor denies that he was a CIA agent, but he was identified in the 1968 edition of Who's Who in the CIA. A month after the massacre the San Mateo Times, a Bay Area newspaper (hometown paper of Leo Ryan), reported that "State Department officials acknowledge that a CIA agent was dispatched to Jonestown within minutes of the airstrip assault" ... According to one report, Dwyer's next stop after Guyana was Grenada. Nor was Dwyer necessarily the only intelligence-connected character in Guyana. The U.S. ambassador himself, John Burke, later went to work for the "intelligence community staff" of the CIA. Richard McCoy, another embassy official, has acknowledged his counterintelligence work for the U.S. Air Force... Leo Ryan's aide Joseph Holsinger feared that the CIA might have been running a covert operation there so sinister it would shock even hardened CIA-watchdogs. In 1980 Holsinger, who'd already discovered Dwyer's presence at Jonestown, received a paper from a professor at U.C. Berkeley. Called "The Penal Colony," the paper detailed how the CIA's mind-control program, code-named MK-ULTRA, was not stopped in 1973, as the CIA had told Congress. Instead, the paper reported, it had merely been transferred out of public hospitals and prisons into the more secure confines of religious cults ... Jonestown, Holsinger believed, was one of those cults... There were large amounts of psychoactive, i.e., mind-control, drugs found on the site of the suicides... the man who arranged the lease on Jonestown with the Guyanese government for Jones, was reportedly a mercenary for the CIA-backed UNITA rebels in Angola. Layton's father [who called his son Larry Layton "a robot" "under posthypnotic trance." L. Layton was the Jones lieutenant who somehow survived the Jonestown massacre and became the only person charged in any of the killings], according to Holsinger, was the biochemist in charge of chemical warfare for the U.S. Army at its Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Jones himself, the supposed Soviet sympathizer, was once a fundraiser for Richard Nixon... Then there was the problem of the bodies. The Jonestown body count jumped by about four hundred within two days after the suicides, leading to speculation that escapees may have been hunted down and killed. In any case, Guyanese coroner Leslie Mootoo testified that as many as seven hundred of the dead appeared to have been forcibly killed, not "suicides" at all... "I believe that it is possible that Jonestown may have been a mind-control experiment," Holsinger said in a 1980 lecture, "that Leo Ryan's congressional visit pierced that veil and would have resulted in its exposure, and that our government, or its agent the CIA, deemed it necessary to wipe out over nine hundred American citizens to protect the secrecy of the operation" ... A memo that allegedly passed between Jones and People's Temple lawyer Mark Lane (who escaped the massacre) showed the two pondering the relocation of Grace Walden to Jonestown. Walden was a key witness to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lane represented King's accused assassin, James Earl Ray. When the memo turned up, Lane denied that he had discussed moving Walden... Most of the People's Temple rank-and-file were black. Most of the leadership was white. Joyce Shaw, a former member, once mused that the mass suicide story was a coverup for "some kind of horrible government experiments, or some sort of sick, racist thing. . . a plan like the Germans' to exterminate blacks."

Note: So, with that previous massacre, it is not a surprise at all that secret operatives carried out the killing of 3,000 American citizens on 911 using their advanced aerial aircraft and other of their covert technologies... all in darkness... all to scare Americans on giving up their rights and on supporting senseless wars under false terrorism pretenses... serving the interests of the Federal Reserve, an illegitimate Private Institution; by the CFR, the globalists of the new world order working 24/7 to destroy the independence, freedoms and sovereignty of America; and by the criminal IRS, another illegitimate institution taxing Americans with no Constitutional or Supreme Court basis to do so, and using the citizens' money to pay the infamous and enormous American "debt" to the deceptive Federal Reserve ("... the national debt soared to more than $6 trillion between 1913 and 2001, the purchasing power of the greenback declined 96 percent over the same period, say Liberty's [the LIBERTY silver currency] proponents, citing U.S. Treasury and Department of Labor statistics")... and to support covert operations, like 9/11, only for the benefit of the money grabbers and NOT for the benefit of the American Citizens.

To fully understand that, please, watch the Aaron Russo's movie made on 2005: "America: Freedom to Fascism"

The Aaron Russo's movie statement is "If you are in the military or law enforcement, remember, you swore an oath to defend the American Constitution, not to promote "World Government." Honor Your Oath!."

CIAcid Trip,
Chapter 1, Part 1: Your Tax Dollars at Work, Revised, updated, and expanded as posted in the Website of The Frank Olson Legacy Project [Frank Olson was another victim of Rumsfeld-Cheney's current Military-Industrial complex.]

See also:

The Disaster Agency. (FEMA)

And the Webb-Flocco's Top-7 evidence documents obstructed by Congress, covered-up by the mass media:

Leo E. Wanta (U.S. Ambassador to Somalia) post 911 letter to VP Cheney - Boxes of cash moved to U.S. after attacks:


Udday Hussein memo to Russian President V. Putin 9/11 forecasting 9/11 attacks as sponsored by the U.S. secretive "intelligence" and what was on 911 for them

Leo E. Wanta post 911 memo to VP Cheney - FBI, CIA met with bin Laden aide after attacks (like the previous one, what was on 911 for them criminals and mobs):


FOIA Top-secret Cambone notes detail Iraq War plans on day of 911 attacks
(Curt Weldon, who promoted the Able
"intelligence" (or its lack thereof) is presented by Flocco as actually blocking the flow to the Supreme Court of Cambone’s handwritten documents:)

FBI memo (signed by the then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover) and photo that links George H. W. Bush to JFK Dallas murder scene:


Secret Division 4 report calling JFK Jr. death an assassination (evidence shows that G. W. Bush was heading that operation and the military-industrial complex, yes, the Pentagon was deeply involved on the news cover-up of a civilian death,
but, oh well, this civilian was JFK Jr., who also supported, as his father JFK, the busting of the secretive operations in America and of Oliver Stone's research for Stone's movie JFK and a further research on the truth about his father's JFK death as well as the deep involvement of the Canaanite "Mossad" (the false Jews) in U.S. covert operations and wanted to promote the studies of many private investigative reporters (Before his death, JFK Jr. published that in his own George magazine, a magazine that under his view, no doubt and should have been a pain in the ass for the future and pre-arranged U.S. President "George" Dubya Bush, the liar...)):

Bank accounts, trust documents proving Bush-Clinton embezzlement of U.S. Treasury


Tom Flocco (here shown in his protests against "The Clinton Immorality and Deception", remember that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, under the orders of the CFR and the Federal Reserve, sold out the independent media to the big news-monopolies and wiretaped the phones of America under Echelon, Clipper and other secretive operations... now Gore wants to distract us with ecological issues from the real enemies of America: The FR and the CFR.) Flocco has been smeared by the secret service and by Rove's "overload and sink" machinery (as Rove did before to Dan Rather and to others...) however, the legitimacy and the sources for these seven documents are open to every one to see and to decide. Pieces that fit in the greater scenario presented in this Blog. Remember that Flocco opposed deeply the idiocracy of Clinton and now is opposing the idiocracy of Bush, being the U.S. Presidents, the Senate and Congress, thus far, simple dupes of the Federal Reserve and the CFR... corruptible and corrupted men, duped by MONEY!

Take back America! Speak in tongues that Jesus Christ, our only Head and Lord, leading us into the right direction, will STOP as long as we live on earth, those plans of the New World Order already started by those secretive abominations that are attempting to robotize us behind the shadows...

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