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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

911 Rewarded the Deliberate Failer$ but Punished the Heros (-)

Rewarding Failure and Incompetence:

Outside of airport security screener, UQ knows of no instances of firings or reprimands issued as a result of 9/11 events. This despite the obvious failure of intelligence and air defenses, which, given the warnings received implies at the very least gross incompetence, egregious negligence if not worse. Rather than holding responsible individuals directly accountable, and insisting upon answers, we are instead rushing ahead and rewarding them with rich financial bonuses and budget increases.
This comes on the heels of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld pre-9/11 confirmation in Congressional testimony that the Department of Defense had undocumentable 'adjustments' (ie. money unaccounted for) of $2.3 trillion. For comparison, the total federal outlay in the 2002 budget comes to just over $2 trillion. This staggering figure demands that we seek full disclosure of what's happened to taxpayer funds. Why are we throwing good money after bad without holding any one accountable for the worst breach of national security in history?

"The Real Deal on 9:11: Rewarding Failure"; Catherine Austin Fitts, Issue #2, Global Outlook magazine, published by www.globalresearch.ca.
"Not Important? Think Again!;" Chris Sanders, Sander Research, London, UK

Notable Retractions
Experts Change Their Tune to Harmonize with the Official Story: Van Romero, Mark Loizeaux, Won-Young Kim, etc.

Budget figures

Video of Sibel Edmons fired for telling the truth while her criminal bosses received rewards for pursuing the 911 Black Operation and its Cover-Up:
FBI was warned and traitors within stymied investigation before 9/11

The Injustice of Punishing Heroism (the low health and salaries of the NY firefighters and their unanswered protests):
Firefighters Demonstrate and Battle Police at WTC Barricades
9/11 Rescuers Have Reduced Lung Functions
Fallout: The Hidden Environmental Consequences of 9/11
Anger over cutbacks: New York firefighters storm "Ground Zero"*
New York City firefighters protest low salaries*

Associated Press Enterprise: 911 Thefts Not Prosecuted

Dr. David Graham and his wiretapped "The 9/11 Graham Report."

Detective John O'Neill: Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... Notes from the movie Who Killed John O'Neill

Time ago I saw a banished program prepared by History Channel (Rebuilding New York) in which we could see the Engine 18 and many of its members, like Abdon, who was retiring, the reduction in their ranks and their low salary, as well as interviews with his boss Nicholas Scoppetta and with the Mayor of NY Michael R. Bloomberg [those were the days of the Bush's sponsored False Flag Operation of spreading Anthrax through the regular mail].

* I reject Socialism & Communism, however, hey! They & History Channel were among the few ones covering those 2002 protests and manifestations by the Fire Department on the streets of New York for a better life and salaries! (try to find other related Internet sources by yourself.)

Related News:
Judge Rules Against Wiretaps.
NSA Program Called Unconstitutional. By Dan Eggen and Dafna Linzer. Washington Post. Friday, August 18, 2006; Page A01... U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ordered a halt to the wiretap program, secretly authorized by President Bush in 2001, but both sides in the lawsuit agreed to delay that action until a Sept. 7 hearing...

Oversight on Wiretapping... I support much of "Ruling for the Law" (NYT Editorial, Aug. 18), about the District Court ruling on the president's wiretapping program, but object to the implication that no one in Congress has tried to stop the administration's illegal activity. As the ranking member of the House Constitution subcommittee, I have repeatedly called for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the president's secret directive. Many other members have also called for investigatory hearings and have introduced bills to strengthen our civil rights against illegal wiretapping. It is not biased to describe the political realities of Congress. Congress's constitutional authority to check the administration's power is held by the Republican Party - a party unwilling to report for constitutional duty. Blame for the abysmal failure should be focused on those who have the power to act... Jerrold Nadler. Member of Congress, 8th Dist., N.Y. Washington, Aug. 21, 2006.

Whistle-Blower Safety. Re "Save the Endangered whistle-Blower" (NYT editorial, Aug. 19): Strengthening protection for whistle-blowers who report fraud, waste and abuse should be a priority for Congress. Having working with inspectors general for the Department of Defense, Army, Air Force, and Defense Finance and Accounting Service, I have seen Employees who blow the whistle have the evidence they submitted turned against them by the inspectors and federal employees. Inspectors general also use the legitimate reports and evidence submitted by whistle-blowers to generate reports that protect higher-ranking officers, civilian managers and agencies against some complaints of fraud, waste and abuse. These employees who seek to do the right thing are then labeled "disgruntled," have their claims dismissed, are put out of the way or become the objects of spin campaigns. When the inspectors general share evidence with an agency, they often share personal identification information of the whistle-blower as well. Protecting whistle-blowers should be a priority to encourage wise use of tax dollars, to ensure that federal laws are obeyed and rights observed, and to encourage transparency in government. Robert Getso. New York, Aug. 19, 2006. The writer is a professor of sociology at the City University of New York.


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