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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

911 Saudis Protection

The Secret Saudi Flight on 9-13 Could be the Key to the Bush-Saudi-Al Qaeda Connection.

Bush secretly granted protection to some 150 Saudis. He needs to have a roaring wolf like Osama alive, in order to inject the fear on the American people and in order to pass his antipatriotic policies aimed to reduce the freedoms of his citizens, and to obtain the National support for his war policies... as envisioned before in their PNAC.


Michael Moore – Fahrenheit 9/11 (windows media player)
Winner of the Palme D'or, 2004 Cannes film festival. Full version.

The Daily Show – with Jon Stewart
Michael Moore has some issues concerning September 11th
quicktime movie player (RealPlayer, right click 'save target as...')

The Fifth Estate – Conspiracy Theories
Canadian TV documentary looking at the connections between the Bush and bin Laden families and the Saudi elite
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BBC Newsnight - Has someone been sitting on the FBI? RealPlayer
An item about how Bush and the bin Ladens are connected and
how FBI investigations into terrorist groups were stopped by the US government.

Greg Palast – BBC Newsnight’s investigative US reporter
Bush, the bin Laden family and the Saudis
windows media player

Mike Springman – US consulate and foreign service official (real player)
Springman went public (after internal efforts failed) to expose the State Dept/CIA conduiting terrorists into the US.

ABC News, Nightline - Dividends from the war on terrorism (windows media player)
News item about the connections between the Bush administration, Caspian oil and the Taliban.

C-SPAN- Judicial Watch News Conference with FBI Special Agent Robert Wright (real player)
former FBI counter-terrorism agent Robert Wright claims that the agency inhibited his probes into terrorist groups.

Mary Schiavo – Former Inspector General, Dept. of Transportation and assistant US attorney. ‘What did they know?’ real player

CNN – press conference (windows media player)
A reporter asks about Dean's comments that Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11, observe the strange reaction by Bush.

Phil Berg - former Pennsylvanian deputy attorney general (quicktime movie player) There's a mob in the White House.

Jim Marrs - investigative journalist & author (windows media player)
9-11: an inside job.

BBC Money Programme – The War for Oil
The advocates of war insist it's not about oil. But global oil production is on the brink of terminal decline and when the West begins to run short of supplies - Iraq could be a lifeline.
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Mike Ruppert - former LAPD narcotics officer, whistleblower & author
9-11, peak oil and the window of opportunity (windows media player)

Michael Ruppert – The Truth and Lies of 9-11
Here is an excellent lecture by former LAPD narcotics officer Michael Ruppert, held at Portland State University in November 2001. He shows how September 11th is connected with oil, gas, heroin, money laundering and the US stock market
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part 4 windows media player

Michael C Ruppert – Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond
Ruppert's follow up to 'The Truth and Lies of 9-11'. In this film compiled from various recent lectures, Ruppert discusses the 9-11 cover-up, peak oil, the war in Iraq, economic turmoil and accountability, world events relating to oil, and sustainability and the importance of community reliance
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More links on that issue: http://www.thedossier.ukonline.co.uk/video_september11.htm

More crimes of the Bush Family:

Bush Sought ‘Way’ To Invade Iraq? O'Neill Tells '60 Minutes' Iraq Was 'Topic A' 8 Months Before 9-11 http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/01/09/60minutes/main592330.shtml

The Bush Family and 9/11

‘Frauds-R-Us’ The Bush Family Saga

Government Involvement in Terrorist Attacks. Attack on America: Controlled Chaos for Global Dehumanization!

Bush's 9/11 Reichstag Fire

911 Securacom (now changed to Stratesec) - The crimes of Marvin Bush and his crooked family:

9/11 Security, Courtesy of Marvin Bush

Marvin Bush Employee's mysterious death - connections to 9/11?

Secrecy Surrounds a Bush Brother's Role in 9/11 Security

The Bush Who Seems to be in All the Right Places

Secrecy Surrounds 9/11 Investigation

911 Jeb Bush - ... and more crimes of the Bushes:

Jeb Bush linked to Florida's 911 Terrorist Flght School

9/11: Bush Knew

Was Bush complicit with the 9/11 attacks? [you know he WAS!]

Neil Bush

911 Carlyle - More crimes of George Herbert Walker Bush and his family:

Profile: Carlyle Group [Fortune, 3/18/2002]

Was George Bush Sr.'s Carlyle Group Involved In 9/11? [YES, you know they WERE!]

"The heads of Bush Sr.'s Carlyle Group (a major defense contractor) as well as a representative of the bin Laden family, were all in the same room together the morning of 9/11 watching the events of 9/11 unfold? These are all people who stood to make a tremendous amount of money off the military buildup and invasions that would ensue."

Follow the Money. Bush, 9/11 and Deep Threat

Top Politicians, Economists, Other Leaders State 9/11 Possibly an Inside Job

http://www.wanttoknow.info/050908insidejob911 [and mockingbird Jim Dwyer from the NY Times declared that only was "an assortment of radio hosts, academics, amateur filmmakers and others... on the Internet and cable television..." Not to mention Charile Sheen and Ed Asner, among others]

And a longer list even can be integrated for each one of the other criminals involved in the PNAC!

"... Congress created the victims' fund, promising payouts in return for an agreement not to sue the airlines or other interests..." [For some 9/11 widows, big payouts, and unease, by Cara Buckley The New York Times] Kenneth R. Feinberg who works for the government is the fund's special master...

A bribery for the victims' relatives to don't sue the Black Operation 911 complicit airlines, fly schools, "security" companies, etc..., etc... and all government agencies, both secretive (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc... etc...) and not so secretive ('though promoting secrecy to protect the criminal Bushes)...

The Third Reich. Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000:
"The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich."

Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed Documents in National Archives Prove George W. Bush's Grandfather Traded with Nazis - Even After Pearl Harbor, By John Buchanan Exclusive to The New Hampshire Gazette 10-10-3 [in the last link you can see the face of criminal Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Jr.]

Chapter - II - The Hitler Project. George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography --- by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

So, with those antecedents, it is extremely ironic that now Bush and his felon mates Rumsfeld and Cheney, etc... are comparing their accomplice roaring-lions like Osama (hey, ugly Usama, you' mama, nowadays you are been quoted frequently by George Jr. he surely is following your guidelines ... a terrorizer by profession... crazy monster eh?) to the NAZIS and the FASCISTS... just as they are... (It’s the Mirror That They Should be Looking At) It seems that their fascist manager Rove is going nuts...


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