911 Stealth

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Pre-emptiveness of Bush fabricated 911

As the evidence pills up, history will tell that the obsessive anticipation to the facts manifested by George W. Bush and collaborators (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Bolton, Bush's dad and brothers, etc.), their PNAC "pre-emptiveness", it will be evident that they were the leaders planning and executing the tragedy of 911.

They can be justly known in history as the TERRORIZERS of the early XXI Century.

Where the deception is more powerful? Within liberal "stinky" hippies (sorry for the 'pun') or within well-dressed scribes and Pharisees?

We are not liberal democrats. Actually, we agreed mostly with the conservative ideals. However, when we studied carefully every video with original footage of 911 we were able to find a multitude of aerial devices that have not been accounted for, situation only explainable if it is rooted in a Black Operation (Covert Operation, Top Secret, Classified Operation) inspired and based in the antecedent of the Operation Northwoods.

So we are left with one option: To fully expose the discovered facts in a way that can be reproduced and replicated by anyone willing to learn and to know the truth.

In the midst of excruciating pressures from within and from without, in the midst of life threatening and deliberate mockery and scorn, in the midst of clashing differences and misunderstandings, we have decided to fully present the evidence, asking to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to protect us and to open the eyes of every Christian specially to don't let them continue living under the great deception anymore:


So, we deeply believe that on doing so we are Serving our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your time reading these lines.

Update: Lev Grossman wrote [TIME, September 11, 2006, p. 48]

"If we went to war to root out fictional weapons of mass destruction, is staging a fictional terrorist attack such a stretch?" [To Grossman's question on how an operation of such size could be carried out without a single leak? We just need to remember how well was the concealing of its ancestor "Operation Northwoods" with not a single leak until the day it was declassified.] After all, the criminals that perpetrated Black Operation 911 had been for at least 40 years planning fake terrorist attacks. Remember that the Pentagon is NOT a democratic institution (you can clearly see that point even in the Propaganda documentary by National Geographic entitled Inside the Pentagon). Isn't then a total contradiction the Pentagon's fake origin of the war on terror and its "fight for democracy" everywhere?


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