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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Hidden Advanced Aircraft of Bush's Black Operation 911

The most modern technology was visible on 911, unknowingly sponsored by the tax dollars of the American population and worst, a black program even unknown by Congress:

Update (Nov. 12, 2006): Some of the videos presented here added to YouTube
You need to check by YOURSELF all the original footage, every Documentary and News Sources available to you. Some examples here.

Prime examples of the Cloaked Aircraft Used For The Black Operation 911:

Cloaked aircraft # 1 (two white vehicles in line formation) from CameraPlanet (also downloadable in MPEG1), 17 seconds after the crashing [part of this video taken by Jennifer Spell, she is seen here at the bottom from Brooklyn, featured in MSNBC and in the movie 7 Days in September]; # 2, from CameraPlanet, in seconds 06:17 to 06:19 we can see a different pair of white vehicles, six seconds after the tower was hit (video taken by Peter DiPilato, also visible in 7 Days in September and downloadable here as MPEG1); # 3, the same ones presented in number two captured by Mike Toole, from the FeedRoom, and presented in the HBO film In Memoriam (Here, link to the MPEG video clip taken from the full documentary, from time 14:45-49. To see all the MPEGs presented here, download them and play them in Windows Media Player).

This Blog is mostly based on the aspect of advanced and cloaked aircraft (stealth tech.) before, during and after the attacks to the WTC. To study another aspect, the advanced and secretive technology to pulverize steel and more than 60% of the twin towers, go to:

The Star Wars Beam Weapon and other 9/11 Issues where the authors wrote:

"Due to the seriousness of this issue, we felt it was important to present the analysis and data as soon as possible. (Following the murder of my student, Michael Zebuhr, an extraordinary human being, I received an email stating, "we've done it before and we will do it again if need be.") Therefore, expect this website to be added to and updated over the next few days. Michael told me, "Whatever happens, don't ever stop pursuing this. It's too important." Michael, this is for you. "

Figure 38(a). A video clip of steel turning to steel dust [also see Figure 38(b). Another video of steel turning to steel dust, although CNN’s Aaron Brown calls it smoke (in AVI and in MPG.)]:

Sequence of three cloaked aircraft taken by Timothy Hayes, Patrick Walsh (NYPD Pilots,) Jordan, etc..., from the documentary presented by History Channel, from A&E's "The Anatomy of September 11th." (a revealing DVD that apparently has been censored in the U.S.A.) More sequences by the same pilots (Walsh & Hayes) were presented in an Israel TV station (however, not in the U.S.A.) The person that posted it online wrote: "911 - wtc - images from helicopter - new release.asf - An Israeli television news show with helicopter footage of the South Tower collapse, from Kazaa. The announcer speaks Hebrew, but we hear this in English: "It's gone, the whole tower... it's gone! Holy crap! They knocked the whole friggin' thing down! They did it... it's down, the fuckin' tower's down" [The same words can be heard in the censored DVD documentary by History Channel mentioned before and in BBC - Horizon "The Fall of the World Trade Center." However, the Israeli version and BBC lack of the three cloaked aircraft presented in History Channel.] Next, links to 2 MPEG videos taken from the History Channel documentary: the three cloaked vehicles attempt to camouflage (check very carefully that while the light refraction moves through the curved surface of the helicopter window, those three vehicles continue there moving slightly closer and farther from each other. Those vehicles attempted to master their hiding deceptions but failed. The astonished voices of Hayes and Walsh can be heard while they look at the WTC south tower falling by the perverse controlled demolition of black operation 911.

Here we see a falling man while the three cloaked aircraft (presented above) camouflage themselves as "clouds", an additional cloaked device can be seen in the second line. On 911, the most advanced technology of the U.S. was busy in the Black Operation directed by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and collaborators. Busy in the killing of American lives, not saving them, in the pursuit of their own particular political agenda (their perverse PNAC). Next, MPEG videos merged within the links of this paragraph: These striking images can be seen in the CBS documentary presented by Dan Rather What We Saw and in the HBO special In Memoriam presented by Rudolph Giuliani (the last frame was taken from that HBO special.) A third source presenting the same footage, from Spain, Canal 5. The most recent airing of this clip was in Court TV, documentary "On Native Soil." Next, the same three stealth vehicles filmed instants before the previous clip, presented by MSNBC and filmed by Luis Alonso; film stored at CameraPlanet. The MPEG clip from that frames (here presented with their close up) can be seen here:

Next we can see another aerial device departing at the very instant in which the tower was starting to fall (lower right):

This one was presented in the documentary Why The Towers Fell, by NOVA, PBS (close-up at the right side, the MPEG video can be seen here). Another view of this advanced aerial vehicle can be seen next:

Gary Pollard took this amazing footage featured in the CameraPlanet documentary 7 days in September. Here its MPEG. Next, a third person captured the same event just before the fall of the tower (again, at the end the close-ups of the last frame):

Here is the MPEG of the last sequence, compiled by Goldfish Pictures and posted on Google Video, (here the second part.)

Next, the same advanced aerial devices that were escaping the tower just seconds before the fall, captured from below (with close-ups):

The color sequence taken from PBS - American Experience, the black and white sequence, from the same filmmaker (Evan Fairbanks) can be downloaded in MPEG here, as the rest of the MPEG film presented here. Here, how a fragment of it was presented at ABC - ESPN (when Peter Jennings was still alive.)

Here, another device used on 911 by Cofer Black, Cambone and their leaders Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush, etc... that advanced and harmful device can be seen in the first frame at the left side, in the next frame approaching the just damaged North Tower of the WTC (here its MPEG, from the film of the Naudet brothers as presented in PBS, The American Experience, "New York Center of the World, Episode 8," the only place in which the end has not been edited out or altered by the Naudets and by Hanlon et al (all those nasty secretive CIA "assets"), where you can see, at the end, a morphing holo-birdet), then the same dangerous device, moving forward could be seen in the 2006 Discovery Channel novel or enactment: "Inside the Twin Towers", which included original footage. Then, in the amateur film released on 2006 by Bob and Bri it was possible to see again the same destructive and advanced technological device, in a burning red color, that for lack of a better terminology and knowledge of the "secret" perversions of Bush et al, we will call the thermator, a loaded device used to promote the fire, the smoke and the final collapse.

Multiple advanced aerial devices were present controlling and "shepherding" the fall of the WTC towers, as well as the initial damage imposed on them. Similar vehicles were seen on the frauds performed by Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and their felon partners at the Pentagon and at Shanksville.

More examples of such Black Operation 911, a criminal deception authorized by Bush and his crooked family (Jeb, Herbert, Marvin, the PNACs: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Bolton, Wolfowitz, etc...):

In this collage of the "Park Foreman" sequence, as presented multiple times on CNN, we can see first a cloaked device hiding near the bottom of the smoke; then we see the holo-plane fading and slightly changing shape (with another cloaked device behind it, as seen in shot # 6). After the impact, shots 8 & 9 show another cloaked aircraft at the right side, then an additional one appears through the smoke, at the top of the buildings and finally, we can see the cloaked aircraft that was there from the beginning near the bottom of the smoke, a sequence of it was also seen while Tommy Thompson was speaking, plus a pair of birdets crossing from left to right in line with the smoke presented in the last shot (the central part of this footage can be seen also in the PBS' American Experience documentary on New York, Center of the World, Episode 8, in the National Geographic's documentary Zero Hour from "Inside 9/11", in the HBO documentary In Memoriam...) Examples of "the Park Foreman for The Times" MPEG video can be seen at CNN: its longer start, its events in the middle, and its longer end. The middle events where also presented at the PBS - American Experience, and at the End Game from National Geographic's Inside 9/11, while the starting events were also presented in the CNN's documentary America Remembers:

This first part of the Foreman video can be seen in the CNN documentary America Remembers (intermittent within minutes 7:22 to 8:23). Above, close-ups and their corresponding frame have been set side by side to more easily identify the cloaked devices surrounding the "plane". MPEGs of this CNN start (one), and example two. The next detailed analysis demonstrates the fake nature of the "Park Foreman" holographic plane, notice in the previous linked picture, that in frames 2 and 3 the port wing appears to be in front of the foreground scaffold, while in frames 4 and 5 the port wing appears to be behind the foreground scaffold. Even in the earlier still frames aired from the Foreman video initially presented at CNN by Aaron Brown you can see the white advanced camouflaged aircraft and the missile nose protruding out of the tower.

Another camera was able to capture the white jet (the same one presented in the penultimate sequence from here (visible there in frames 8 and 9), in this second video the white plane appears for very few frames, hence the importance to do a careful analysis of each frame showing the 911 skies. Here, its MPEG.

In the same CNN documentary America Remembers after they present the fall of the WTC7, we can clearly see at least three cloaked vehicles (from 35:47 to 49), one of them is presented above, with close-ups and the actual full frame from which they were taken. Next the MPEG video of this sequence, as many of the cloaked vehicles recorded, the video of these three ones can be seen only for three seconds. We deeply recommend to use a slow-motion software and enlarging software like the free ones suggested by thewebfairy. Stealth vehicles also captured by a photographer.

The lame government of George W. Bush, secluded to his ranch until 911, looked to have a popular boost with 911. He was meeting his PNAC brother Jeb Bush at Florida since the day before that their black program of 911 was executed. Marvin Bush, his other brother was involved with the "security" of the WTC, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport through the company Securacom, now Stratesec...

In this additional view, presented also by CNN in multiple occasions, we can see how the missile covered by the holo-plane hits the tower, and immediately after that, a cloaked vehicle can be seen departing from the scene, at the top right (the bottom part of this footage can also be seen in the PBS' American Experience documentary on New York, Center of the World, Episode 8). Here, their MPEG videos: from CNN - Breaking News, from PBS - American Experience.

In this sequence we can see a cloaked aircraft at the top left, near the logo as appeared at the beginning of the 2005 documentary End Game, one of the four episodes of Inside 9/11 by National Geographic. To see the MPEG 1 video, click here.

Here the Naudets filmed a near-invisible vehicle with a similar complexion than the one before, this time departing from the tower in a similar way than the one above captured by NOVA. Here its MPEG.

In this sequence from the same End Game we can see a stealth vehicle de-cloaking itself and attacking the tower by planting explosives on a previously marked section (thermate et al) on the surface of the WTC towers and then re-cloaking itself. To see the MPEG 1 video, click here. In that video, you can see that before this moment, another cloaked device is hovering at the bottom of the smoke between the two towers.

This is a collage of different cloaked aircraft that appears in the episode Zero Hour from National Geographic's Inside 9/11 (the last two lines with zoom-in side-by-side to compare, in the last line two cloaked objects were flying). MPEGs of the first one, the second and the third example.

This is the second part of the sequence of the white jet that appeared just seconds before the impact of the second WTC tower (the south tower) as presented in Zero Hour by National Geographic (with zoom-in side-by-side for comparison purposes). To see this clip in MPEG 1, click here. The first part of this jet in Macromedia Flash and to be downloaded in MOV for RealPlayer (RealOne) can be found in thewebfairy , also in terrorize.dk you can download it in WMV format. Also in that page you can see the testimony of this third jet by Will Jimeno, a NY Port Authority official immortalized by Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center. This is precisely the third jet presented in the PDF paper The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks paper almost costing the life of the original writer who was threatened, and his family by a covert "intelligence" operative (the evil assets or operatives of Mr. criminal Bush and his collaborators). Both the previous and the next footage were taken by Brian Gately, Systems Manager, from a 6th floor in Crown Heights.

In this sequence of the second hit captured by the same camera of the previous one, you can see a white orb flying low, with detail (multiple cameras filmed similar vehicles flying very low on 911). Here is the MPEG of this cloaked orb moving just after the second hit.

These images present an orb moving from right to left and an helicopter moving from left to right. Below you can see its details.

The smaller orb can be seen causing the ejection of smoke from the tower, then changing form and color. The helicopter can also be seen camouflaging itself once out of the smoke. Birdets were seen crossing from right to left and another advanced aircraft was seen flying a higher altitude in the last line. Then the helicopter went back (flying in circles around the WTC.) Here is the MPEG showing the cloak-able helicopter, the orb, the birdets and another aircraft.

The sequence presented here, again from the same video presented at the beginning, shows the white orb visible at the moment of the "second hit" of the World Trade Center. The fact that its a third dimensional aerial object can be confirmed by its clear entrance to the two buildings (also shown in detail in lines one and four), the fact that this orb continued moving, even while the crash occurred and after that, indicates that the "plane" was an holographic projection hiding or covering a loaded missile.

This collage seems to confirm that flashing orbs where surrounding the whole WTC until Bush's Black Operation 911 was fully completed. Two of them can be seen here, moving from top to bottom, their exit point can be seen in the last line; from the recently released personal video "September 11, 2001: What We Saw" by Bob and Bri, filmed from Tribeca Pointe, NY. Here is the MPEG clip of those flashing orbs. The timing at the bottom, from the full Google Video. Some of the flashes presented at CNN can be seen here (video extension MPG).

This one shows the presence of at least two very advanced aircraft flying at each side of the WTC moments after their second aerial attack. One is dark at the bottom of the smoke while the other is "a morphing white." Here you can see the MPEG. To see many other excerpts of the film of Bob and Bri, click here. Specially notable are the excerpts of multiple stealth very advanced vehicles flying while the last of the twin towers is falling. Those flashing orbs were also visible when the falling started. It seems that some of those advanced CIA-Pentagon vehicles were responsible for the "injecting" of the thermate to bring down the towers at the full speed of the laws of gravity. Just two of such examples from the film of Bob & Bri: 1 and 2. An additional example of orbs "pasted" to the towers was edited by Golden Fish P. (another Naudet Company.)

This long sequence of a morphing stealth captured and aired by CNN after the fall of the two WTC towers, as the previous ones and as the ones presented elsewhere (1 and 2,) etc... are showing the closest view of a very advanced and secretive aircraft used by Bush to kill his own fellow Americans on 9/11, in the pursuit of his crooked agenda and Cheney's, Rumsfeld's and the rest of the PNAC members' perverse philosophies of domination and of war. This video MPG (MPEG) can be downloaded here.

n additional video that also captured many of those camouflaged stealth vehicles ("leftovers" of the yahootie project) was presented by MSNBC Investigates, "24 Hours at Ground Zero." Here is the segment of Luis Alonso (in MPEG, who donated his film to CameraPlanet). From it, the fragment showing the stealth aircraft camouflaged can be seen here. Then, examples taken from them can be seen next: one, two, three, four, five, etc...

Etc... etc...

Rumsfeld and Cheney were as well obsessed with a new Pearl Harbor, as can be read in their crooked PNAC, and for Rumsfeld in the book of "Bush At War" by Woodward, were we read: "In his first eight months back in the Pentagon, Rumsfeld struck two major themes. First, the military was hidebound and outdated... Rumsfeld’s second theme was surprise. He routinely handed out or recommended a book called Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision by Roberta Wohlstetter. Rumsfeld particularly recommended the foreword, written by Thomas Schelling... Rumsfeld’s transformation plans met with something just short of organized resistance bordering on insubordination among a significant part of the senior uniformed officers. One four-star officer who worked with him said Rumsfeld was “an egomaniac cleverly disguised... a hip shooter who gives the impression he is not.” Another said if anyone disagreed with Rumsfeld it was risky because the result might be an “ass chewing from him...”." In the same book, there are the statements of darker individuals involved with the Black Operation 911 and with related issues, like in figure 23, of CIA's Cofer Black, where we read:

Cofer Black, the head of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, told the president in a briefing on proposed covert operations, "You've got to understand, people are going to die." [The text in the book expands his statement as follows: "And the worst part about it, Mr. President, Americans are going to die — my colleagues and my friends." Somebody declared: "There is a situation where the head of the CIA’s counterterrorism center, Cofer Black, feels the need to remind the President about some desired covert operations: “You’ve got to understand, people are going to die.It is left unsaid whether the comment came from something flippant said at the time, or whether this admonition was necessary in the previous administration." Now Joseph Cofer Black is "ambassador at large (2002-present)."]
Next, the other darker character that Woodward introduced:
Cambone!” was a familiar refrain when Rumsfeld wanted information or action. A 6-foot-3 defense intellectual who had worked on the space and missile defense commissions that Rumsfeld had headed, Steve Cambone was the dark, nonsunny, nonoptimistic side of Rumsfeld who had forebodings about something bad happening. He was civilian special assistant to the secretary, and he largely defined the relationships between Rumsfeld and the rest of the Pentagon. Cambone was the means by which, at least initially, Rumsfeld had extended his grasp around the throats of the military brass. [Somebody wrote: "All the so-called "black" programs had one element in common: the Secretary of Defense, or his deputy, had to conclude that the normal military classification restraints did not provide enough security..." Rumsfeld put his Under-Secretary for intelligence, a newly created Bush administration position [of course!,] in charge of the super-secret black "SAP" program. This individual, Stephen Cambone, testified along with Rumsfeld and Generals Lance Smith and Richard Myers before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Hersh quotes a senior CIA official that colorfully pointed out how Rumsfeld and Cambone lied during that Senate appearance."]
George Herbert Walker Bush is another "secrecy hoot" involved in helping the pale and low popularity of his ungifted and neuron-burnt son George Jr., as we can remember Herbert's involvement in the discrediting of the "Fortunate Son" book by the use of his lawyers, as well as his influence over the secretive organizations (he was the CIA head) to strongly support his son, and viceversa, even with the support of Bush's domestic spying. Here we let the images to speak by themselves , while today 911 - 06, we honor the families of the 911 victims... For example, we honor Wilton Sekzer, a former New York City cop, father of Jason Maxwell Sekzer, who died on the WTC on 911. Wilton declared to Eugene Jarecki, from Parade (September 10, 2006, pages 5-6):

Something Wrong With the System

... I was watching TV when President Bush came on and said he didn't know
why people connected Iraq to 9/11. He said: "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th [attacks]." I said, "What did he just say?" I mean, I almost jumped out of my chair. I said, "What is he talking about?" What the hell did we go in there for? If Saddam didn't have anything to do with 9/11, then why did we go in there? I'm from the old school... It's a terrible thing if someone like me can't trust his President. I began to wonder what the hell's with the whole system. There's something wrong with the entire system. I feel like the government exploited my feelings of patriotism. But I was so insane with wanting to get even, I was willing to believe anything [he requested that the statement "In Loving Memory of Jason Sekzer", his deceased son, be put in one of the bombs that fell over Iraq]. Undoubtedly, there are people who may read my statements and think that I'm no good. [that] I 'm a SOB. [that] I'm a warmonger. I should never have put my son's name on the bomb. Am I sorry? No, because I acted under the conditions at that time. Was it wrong? Yeah, it was wrong. But I didn't know that. It's not easy to be calm when you lose your child. You want revenge. When people heard my story, I got a lot of e-mails. One guy wrote: "What about the other fathers whose sons were killed by that bomb?" You know what? He has a right to say that, because we were lied to." [And we are still lied to... see also Woodward: Bush is misleading public on Iraq] Featuring Wilton Sekzer, here is "The American Documentary Grand Jury Prize" winner, from 2005 "Why We Fight", by Eugene Jarecki (presented at BBC & CBC). The answer is that the wars of the XXI Century of the international Military-Industrial Complex [the pranks of the "Money Lovers" of the world (the World Bankers, the Money Changers): Part 1, Part 2] with headquarters in America, started its attack at home on 9/11 and continued with Afghanistan and Iraq. Those are not wars for "freedom," as advertised by them, but wars to keep on power "a system whose survival depends on a state of constant war," an elite personified by the Bush family and the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove, Cambone, etc... plus the rest of criminals that masterminded the PNAC, the CFR, the private deception wrongfully called the Federal Reserve, plus the secret organizations. A corporate system willing to remain "immune from the checks and balances of a peace-seeking electorate."

Here you will see more parents (i.e., the dad of Robert (Bobby) G. McIlvaine,) outraged at Bush's system for causing 9/11 (video in WMV).

Final Note: We request you, for the souls of your children and of your future generations, please to analyze by yourself the presence of the next stealth vehicles captured by CNN, many of them even before the damage on the South Tower of the WTC (video files in MPEG): 1 (capture from the distance and then closer), 2 (the horrible multi-winged stealth that blocked the sight of the camera, also listen carefully the evidence of witnesses that saw a missile hitting the tower), 3 (one of the multiple orb technologies flashing over WTC and then two stealth camouflaged as birds (birdets), on of Bush's "favorite" deceptions, he himself a past secretive stealth pilot), 4 (this yahootie stealth requires you to be very attempt to see it, upper left by the smoke), 5 (another hidden yahootie stealth), 6 (another one), 7 (this speedy yahootie stealth one was seen after the second hit, after the Black Operation 911 attack on the South Tower, focus on the top of the WTC to be able to see it...) etc... etc...