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Friday, August 04, 2006

Historical/Research 911 Video Clips

To see the prime examples, click here. More examples of the Cloaked Aircraft Used For The Black Operation 911:

Here you can see an orb moving from right to left and then, from between the two towers, a stealth approaching at a high speed (with close-ups). Another advanced vehicle (maybe a cloaking orb) can be seen briefly at the end. Here is the MPEG from it.

You can see here two cloaked stealth vehicles flying from left to right. Its MPEG is here.

If we check the close-up from this footage, we will be able to see even more details:

A third stealth, from right to left in the first frame, and the initial path of another two stealth vehicles and their crossing the Woolworth tower are presented here, taken from the same previous video-clip.

This collage of sequences taken from CNN shows stealth hovering at the left side of the World Trade Center tower number 7, another tower brought down by the controlled demolitions ordered by the Bush Administration as part of their Black Operation 911, to promote their crooked philosophy underlined in their PNAC, their perverse global domination by lies and deception and by the evils of war. The MPG video file (MPEG) can be downloaded here. A similar object was seen flying at the right side of the screen. And the top of a flying advanced aircraft passing close to the camera was also filmed by CNN.

This upper right sequence of stealth vehicles (with close up in these pictures) was seen in NBC News with Tom Brokaw and David Bloom, "The First Four Hours Special Report." Here, the MPEG of them, as well as the rerun.

Additional aerial devices (orbs) flying out of the deliberate fall of the WTC south tower (the detail of two of them at the right side,) visible in the same penultimate video and sequence:

Examples of the "Birdets" used in Black Operation 911:

Line # 1, Cloaking birdets, see their white blob; and # 2, bi-birdets, from the 9/11 Filmmakers Commemorative Edition 2002 - Naudet / Gamma Presse [this video was featured as a CBS special (with Robert DeNiro as the presenter) as well as in many other networks, including PBS, apart of being shown in the news of 911, like in CNN]. Line # 3, CameraPlanet (with examples of both of them. In the last one, in the original video, a white aircraft, the white plane aired by CNN, can be seen flying at the distance between the back birdets and the white building). As a representative of all those videos of bird-camouflaged vehicles & "wescams" and holograms, you can see here the MPEG video of the Naudet's "first hit" (from the PBS - American Experience, here is the only longer sequence not-edited and not-doctored by the Naudets where you can see at the end the holo-birdet morphing into a big bug; you can also see there another advanced aerial device moving towards the damaged tower... that same awful device was seen in Discovery Channel in its path to destroy by flames and explosions the WTC, the same one was filed fully located by Bob & Bri here, so it seems to be a "thermator", by lack of a better knowledge... 'cause remember that that evily used and destructive technology is Bush's, Cheney's, Rumsfeld's, CIA's, Pentagon's, etc... "top secret" .... buuuu), then more birdets also from the Naudets, and from CameraPlanet, one example of birdets blobbing to reach the near-invisibility (MSNBC Investigates also presented them (full segment below,) here the first example, then the second and even a third, and a fourth one, etc...); then, the double birdets that the Naudets captured. We are aware that there has been tampering of the original birdet footage by the Naudets themselves and by CameraPlanet, having produced both of them different versions of it. Here the last example from CameraPlanet first edition.

More "bi-birdets":

#1 from the 9/11 Filmmakers Commemorative Edition 2002 - Naudet / Gamma Presse (that birdet was hovering in circles, near the right side of the picture), #2 and #3 from CameraPlanet (this birdet was advancing in a semi-linear path, the first picture depicts it in the cloud, left side). Here, the MPEG of the first example, the orb-birdets captured by the Naudets hovering on the 911 skies, then another birdet captured by CameraPlanet, that, as declared before, was also presented by MSNBC Investigates, here its MPEG. Additional birdets were captured "on the run" and presented by CNN.

The sequence presented here was originally aired at MSNBC Investigates, in the episode "24 Hours at Ground Zero" (producer Bruce Kennedy, Host John Seigenthaler and filmmaker Luis Alonso.) To see the full segment in MPEG, click here; to see this particular clip, here.

This PAX-TV collage, presented multiple times at CNN, presents another view of the second hit, here you can clearly see how the right wing of the holo-plane disappears (here the stills of another 6 videos showing the same phenomenon, confirming it to be holographic), then after the impact you can still see the full body of what seems to be a missile (even noticed by the CNN reporter, Aaron Brown, as "the nose of the plane", according to him). Then we see several holo-birds (birdets), the first in a right angle, then another near the bottom almost horizontally, then another, the bigger moving from bottom to top (you can see how it changes shape from a double birdet (bibirdet) to a single big "bird", and finally we can see another group of three different bibirdets, also reshaping as a mono-birdet. MPEGs of some of the many retransmissions of this footage can be seen, courtesy of PAX-TV to CNN: Example 1, Example 2 and to ktla5.

Also, in the astounding footage presented at MSNBC Investigates (above reference) we can see a stealth aerial vehicle camouflaged as "a flat helicopter", to see this particular clip in MPEG, click here. In the full sequence (above linked) you can not see where this one went after disappearing behind the tower. The same happens with a distant fake birdets, you can not see where they entered the screen, they just appeared at the middle (see them here in MPEG.)

In the amazing footage taken by Rick Siegel in his movie 911 Eyewitness, the next details also reveal Bush's Black Operation 911:

Three intense lights can be seen here (close-up at the end,) those lights were changing colors and many more lights like them were seen behind them. Next their changes in color and an orb moving from left to right:

The MPEG including the above images for you to be able by yourself that orb can be downloaded here, to see the details you can also copy the image and paste it in Word and then expand its size, etc...

Here you can see a morphing orb in what appears to be its falling from the sky, in the full video you can see another two smaller objects falling as well. Here, its MPEG.

Here, some smaller orbs were hovering on the surface of the water, at the left, the flashing under the boat at the distance seemed to be synchronized with their movement. Here its MPEG.

To find more clips from Siegel's film go to 911 key clips 6 and 7.

Additional MPEG clips with cloaked aircraft was seen with Dan Rather at CBS and the same stealth flying fast plus another cloaked aircraft at the distance in the same video, both were seen at VH1, and the same can be said of another cloaked device that ended up camouflaged as "birdets", presented in CBS and in VH1; more obrs were seen in the History Channel documentary World Trade Center, Rise and Fall of an American Icon, the same captured by multiple video recorders like the next one at the left side, and in their view from below, and more orbs visible at the right side; then in NOVA - Why The Towers Fell? (carefully check at the left side, below the smoke), in HBO - In Memoriam (this cloaked vehicle can also barely be seen in the well known Bluebeam technology captured by the Evans Fairbanks Missile-Holo-Deception, the bad Hollywood effects that Evan told Peter Jennings (from there you can see a birdet-missile immediately after the second hit), also courtesy of thewebfairy), more devices of secretive orb technology., etc., etc. So, the presence of the Computer Generated Imaging of the military Wescam (we-scam) technology of deception was presented twice in the documentary What We Saw, narrated by Dan Rather (who also was "Roved", which is the "overload and sink" strategy of deception used by Mr. criminal Karl Rove). See that Wescam-A, we-scam-B. Also, CNN captured pieces of that wescam (from their "Chopper 7," according to the "reporter.") For now, we can boldly conclude that on the Black Operation 911 ordered by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their criminal allies, the most advanced devices of deception were used, i.e.: holograms, computer generation imaging (CGI), sound effects, the advanced "quieten" technology (the stealth technology of daylight barely visible aircraft, a new generation of yahooties, controlled demolitions, cloaked missiles, devices camouflaged as birds, clouds, smoke, etc., plus fake actors, muslim patsies (i.e., the 19 911 scapegoats, many of them have been found alive and well,) secretive operatives or assets changing identities, news deception, non-similar images of the "crashing planes" feed by the perpetrators themselves to the media, planted fake "evidence" (like WTC plane "debris," "a patsy passport", & "Pentagon DNA from an evaporated plane", etc...) mockingbird public opinion influencing, and many more other secretive programs, devices and operatives of every imaginable branch of "intelligence".)

Historical/Research 911 Video Clips. Excerpts From Newscasts and Documentaries Focused On the September 11 2001 Covert Operation Visible in the Sky (in ten parts.) Almost all of the sequences above and more can be found within the next files. I beg the careful observer to analyze them frame by frame, to slow down the next original footage in order to be able to see what otherwise can not be seen because it was cloaked:


MPEG1 (41 MB)

MPEG1 (23 MB)

MPEG1 (7.3 MB)

MPEG1 (80 MB)

MPEG1 (159 MB)

http://www.archive.org/details/ChristianBornagJr911SKIES2 :

MPEG1 (11 MB)
MPEG1 (54 MB)
MPEG1 (177 MB)
MPEG1 (30 MB)
MPEG1 (57 MB)


MPEG1 (89 MB)

MPEG1 (93 MB)

MPEG1 (163 MB)

MPEG1 (161 MB)

MPEG1 (74 MB)



MPEG1 (153 MB)

MPEG1 (61 MB)

MPEG1 (27 MB)

MPEG1 (62 MB)

MPEG1 (2.5 MB)

MPEG1 (15 MB)

MPEG1 (77 MB)

http://www.archive.org/download/ChrisBornagJr911SKIES5/1dcandcbc.mpeg (165 MB)

and excerpts from it at: http://www.archive.org/details/ChrisBornagJr911SKIES5




Individual clips from the files above and MANY MORE can be found at: http://www.archive.org/details/stealth911keyclips, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (this one includes 911 skies from "On Native Soil" excerpts) 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16, 17 and 18 , 19 (MPG), 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and more clips and Hayes and Walsh key films ...

To See Them Frame by Frame and To Enlarge Videos For Yourself, download the next: http://thewebfairy.com/911/video.htm

Two of the best analysts of the 911 skies that we have been able to find on the Internet are:

http://terrorize.dk/911 and http://thewebfairy.com/911 ; however, the index of the first one is currently the more user-friendly.

Vanity Fair special: Their interesting review of the Movie Loose Change. To see that movie, click here.

Update: Lev Grossman wrote [TIME, September 11, 2006, Cover Story, p. 48]: "Loose Change appeals to the viewer's common sense: it tells you to forget the official explanations and the expert testimony, and trust your eyes and your brain instead. It implies that the world can be grasped by laymen without any help or interference from the talking heads. Watching Loose Change, you feel as if you are participating in the great American tradition of self-reliance and nonconformist, antiauthoritarian dissent. You're fighting the power. You're thinking different."

Some of the answers can be found in TIME, Oct. 2, 2006, pp. 10-13, where particularly the answer of Robert Malcolmson from Cobourg, Ont. is especially boldfaced: "Interpreting the 9/11 attacks as an act of war demanding military reprisal has only helped up the ante of violence throughout the world." Dorian De Wind, from Austin, Texas wrote " We should have remained laser-focused on rooting out and bringing to justice those responsible for the attacks... After 9/11 our nation should have rededicated itself to the Constitution, the rule of law and respect for human and civil rights." Maurizio Muraca, from Rome wrote "The idea that the U.S. could help the development of democracy in Muslim countries by sending troops, as it did in Iraq, sounds like a strategy Stalin would have used. But after World War II, it was the economic support provided by the U.S. through the Marshall Plan that saved countries like Italy from becoming communist states. Bolstering the economies of Muslim countries striving for democracy would have been a better response than exporting war." Jeff Timberlake, from Cincinnati, Ohio wrote "Boot's signal example of democracy's triumph over tyranny is the collapse of the Soviet Empire. But that victory was not achieved by U.S. forces unilaterally storming the gates of the Kremlin and tearing down the statue of Lenin. Rather, the Soviet Union rotted from within, abetted by a sensible and hard-nosed policy of containment by a true multinational coalition. If democracy flourishes in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East, it will be in spite of the Bush doctrine, not because of it." Ryan Gielen, from New York City wrote "I would feel much more optimistic about our nation if more people questioned what happened on 9/11. If people had been a little more skeptical, maybe we would have questioned whether Iraq really had WMD, whether the war and reconstruction would pay for themselves and whether 130,000 troops were enough. Maybe we would have questioned the need to elect George W. Bush to a second term." Inge Drucks, from Breckerfeld, Germany wrote "Too many pieces of evidence about 9/11 cannot be explained within the framework of the official version. Where are the Watergate sleuths Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when we really need them?", Michel Mortier from Zug, Switzerland wrote "When violence is countered by violence, regression is fighting regression. It is a double step backward." Bill Gottdenker, from Mountainside, N.J. wrote "...if we are sacrificing American lives in the effort to establish democracy in the Middle East (whether Iraqis want it or not), we should at least allow the citizens of Iraq to enjoy the democratic right to select their own representatives. We should not dictate that the government be favorably disposed to us, as that would violate the basic tenets of the democracy we are ostensibly seeking to export to the Middle East." Rainer Lau, from Brussels expressed the next unfortunate conclusion: "Meanwhile, anti-Americanism is unfortunately growing where the U.S. would not expect it."

These are just examples for you to do your own work and your own analysis. Search the original sources to verify and discover more unreported aircraft flying the 911 skies.

News: CNN.com did Replay 9/11 Attacks Coverage... the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks [Monday Sept. 11, 2006 (Patriot Day), from 8:30 a.m. to midnight]... on the Internet the cable network's coverage of that day's events... starting at 8:30 a.m. ...until midnight... CNN Pipeline, available for free "... to view the stream of coverage from Sept. 11, 2001..." said David Payne, senior vice president and general manager of CNN.com. "They have the power to determine the best way for them to remember the anniversary."