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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exposing The Black Operation 911





In October 2000, at the 'Gomel Chesed Cemetery' the next conversation spoken in Hebrew was heard: “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September”... “Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything”... “The Arabs are so stupid. They don’t even imagine that we are using them.”

The 9/11 Car Bombs. Evidence points to multiple roaming backup teams with vans full of explosives.
"...the discovery of a van full of explosives and two suspects located between 6th and 7th on King Street, some blocks away from the World Trade Center... the responder makes reference to a mural painted on the side of the van depicting a "remote controlled plane" diving into New York City"

More at: http://www.bollyn.com/public/Solving_9-11_-_The_Deception_That_Changed_The_World.pdf

And at:
Aaron Russo: Rockefeller knew about 9/11 well in advance

Advice by Laurie A. Manwell; Some Eye-Opening Questions:

A. Who is involved in "9/11 Press for Truth" and what are their goals?

B. How have the First Responders and other victims of 9/11 been treated by the US government?

C. How has the US followed up on its commitment to bring freedom, sovereign government, necessities of life and other resources to the Afghan and Iraqi people in the past years?

D. How many people have been killed in the “War on Terror” world-wide?

E. Is a global war an appropriate response to a terrorist attack, even one such as 9/11?

F. What if the attacks were a pretext for declaring a global war?

G. Has mainstream media met its responsibilities to provide accurate and fair representations of world events?

Taken from: http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/2007/ManwellFaultyTowersofBeliefPartII.pdf


1. Watch "9/11: Press for Truth" (2006) by Ray Nowosielski documenting the victims’ struggle to get the Bush administration to begin an investigation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSVgnsIJH4Y
And the companion “In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-scUEWNNjs

2. Read Prof. Graeme MacQueen’s (2006) 118 Witnesses: Firefighter’s Testimony to Explosions in the TwinTowers

3. Watch Michael Moore’s SICKo showing the plight of 9/11 first responders in obtaining adequate health care to deal with severe lifethreatening ailments caused by the events of 9/11, physical and psychological:
And Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11
And CBC - 9/11 Toxic Legacy: A Cloud of Dust

4. Read the Mount Sinai Medical Center report on the heath study of thousands of 9/11 first responders in New York:
http://www.wtcexams.org/pdfs/ehp/20060905_ehp_sinai_press_release.pdf and http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/06/nyregion/06health.html?ex=1182657600&en=1562c6e9b821bcf2&ei=5070 and http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/wtc/SciSumAllByYear.html

5. Visit the Human Rights Watch website at: http://www.hrw.org/

6. Watch Why We Fight (2005) by Eugene Jarecki http://www.sonyclassics.com/whywefight and

7. Watch Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007) by Rory Kennedy at: http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/ghostsofabughraib/index.html and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WofOafB8VDU

8. Watch the "Hometown Baghdad" series at: http://chattheplanet.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOSuehNFkKo and http://www.youtube.com/chattheplanet

9. Keep track of the dead in Iraq: http://www.iraqbodycount.org/database

10. Read the infamous PNAC "Project for a New American Century document Strategies for Rebuilding America’s Defenses" (2000) at:
http://www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf and discussions of by Dr. Griffin at: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=4961

11. Visit Dr. Paul William Roberts documentation of devastation in Iraq and The War Against Truth and Homeland http://www.paulwmroberts.com/index.htm and http://paulwmroberts.blogspot.com/ and http://www.paulwmroberts.com/bwarticles.htm and http://www.atlanticfreepress.com/writers/userprofile/Paul.html

12. To make your blood agan boil for justice, remember some of Bush's cynical moments of "unguarded truth"…:
"It's amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency" (regarding the 2000 election while speaking to Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson, unaware that a live television camera was still rolling).George W. Bush, June 14, 2001, Gothenberg, Sweden.http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0124133/bio
“If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.”George W. Bush, December 18 2000. Online News Hour with Jim Lehrerhttp://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/politics/july-dec00/trans_12-18.htm
“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” George W. Bush, August 5, 2004, President Signs Defense Bill, Remarks by the President at the Signing of H.R. 4613, the Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2005, Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8pvU1iyT3c
"Bush jokes about Weapons of Mass Destruction"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKX6luiMINQ
"Bush Made Decisions With War On His Mind"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkmlWZXKVOY

Follow Laurie A. Manwell's YouTube, at:

We found this picture and related Blog.

(Sept. 11 investigations still going on. AP. Thu Aug 3, 1:55 PM ET... As Geraldo Rivera unveiled in At Large, we also agree that the continuous lying of the Pentagon is totally inexcusable, unacceptable, we know that the upcoming military's testimony to cover-up what the Sept. 11 commission reported in relation to "a third" WTC plane, will be "knowingly false". The original military's assertion (to the 9/11 Commission) was that it was tracking one of the planes and intended to intercept it (American Airlines 11) when, "in fact," (they say now) "the plane had already crashed" ???... The evidence of multiple and advanced aerial devices present on 911 is mounting, like multiple examples of cloaked aircraft. How are they going to attempt to cover that up? Here, we present the evidence available with pictures and observations related to that third plane, and on many other aerial devices that apparently helped and supervised those deliberate accidents on 911. That's the legacy left by Bush, who made it happen on purpose...)

Textually, from Parade's, Intelligence Report, June 18, 2006, page 13:
[Your Tax Dollars] Down The Black Hole. Not since the end of the Cold War has the Department of Defense spent so much on classified (or “black”) programs: It wants $ 30.1 billion for 2007. Classified programs have less Congressional oversight. They’ve produced some successes, like the Stealth fighter, but also failures like a canceled Navy attack aircraft.

The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks
Scholars for 9/11 Truth*

* "Scholars for 9/11 Truth has been appalled to learn that the author of this study has received threats against himself and his family for having written this article. The source of these threats has suggested that he drop out of our organization and that this study should "go away". He has withdrawn from S9/11T, but this piece of research cannot "go away". It has already been widely read and no doubt copied. Under the circumstances, it would be a huge mistake to allow this organization and its journal to be manipulated by external threats. Since the author has nothing to do with our decision to keep it in place, responsibility shifts to the organization. We hope others will pursue its leads."

"... [The paper reports] a large, twin-jet aircraft (757/767-class)... [timeframe:] as WTC1 is burning and WTC2 is not, the segment is clearly recorded between 8:46am and 9:03am. Note this white aircraft with dark engines and vertical stabilizer is not the aircraft that will impact WTC2."

"According to the 9/11 Commission, two F-15s were scrambled from Otis Air Force Base at 8:52am... The Commission has these fighters finally arriving for Combat Air Patrol over NYC at 9:25am, after being vectored into a holding pattern off Long Island."

"At least [certainly more than] one photograph captures this [F-15] aircraft (or one with a similar profile) in the interval between the tower strikes, flying another pass almost directly above WTC2 at an altitude of approximately 2,000 feet, judging by its size and position relative to the smoke plume, to which it is recklessly close".

[Editor's Note: The F-15 published in the paper was SEEN between 8:46am and 9:03am, which is BEFORE the 9:25am 9/11 Commission's report of its arrival"]

"At 9:04am, Diane Sawyer of ABC News made remarks on-air about the "circling" jet she and her colleagues "all saw" prior to the second strike. She admits she "just assumed" it was the same one that struck the South Tower" (video of that clip).

"Of interest with respect to this "mystery jet" is the phenomenon, acknowledged but unexplained by the Commission, of the "phantom Flight 11". At 9:21am, after both towers had been hit, and long after "AA11" had struck the North Tower, Boston flight control, relaying information from FAA headquarters, informed NEADS that "AA11" was still in the air and heading south, perhaps to Washington, DC. Were they tracking this "third aircraft"? (video documenting the last statement). [Editor's Note: This real-life event is even presented in detail in the first part, the "corroboration" fact-based part of the Movie United 93]."

"Much research has focused on the details and effects of various military exercises apparently underway on 9/11, especially "live-fly" NORAD drills designed to mimic multiple terrorist aircraft attacks on high-profile US targets. One NORAD drill, "Vigilant Guardian", is admitted by the Commission to have been in progress but is dismissed in a footnote as being unrelated to the hijacking scenario and as posing no impediment to defensive response, despite the well documented confusion among NORAD personnel as to whether the attacks were "real world or exercise", the presence of artificial radar "injects" on their screens, and the recognition of as many as eleven simultaneous potential hijackings. Was the "third jet" an actor in such an exercise? Was it meant to confuse defensive response? Was it monitoring (or controlling) the attacks? Was it a back-up in the event of a miss on the towers? Was it one of these (Air Force C-32, a modified Boeing 757-200)?

"If it is a civil aircraft, records of its take-off and landing must exist. A FOIA request to the FAA should be filed. If it is military, it is automatically suspect. Any proper investigation of 9/11 must account for this aircraft."

Note: In the next posting we read the actual words written by the threatened writer:

"...I assume something in the "3rd Jet" essay is hot. I have received a very specific threat against my family (knows my children's names) and a strong suggestion that I pull the essay from the Journal site and my membership in st911, which I am doing...... No doubt we are getting close, and this is why the mainstream smear campaign is ramping up. Let the clearest, calmest, least threatening voices speak, if they are willing. Goodbye, good luck and God keep you all..."
Pursuing its leads:

More videos in proof that 911 was a Black Operation (some pictures of Black Tuesday 911 can be seen below.) This unconventional and advanced aircraft can only be product of the Black Projects sponsored by the Taxes paid by the unaware Amrican people:

1) Back escorts:

The white cloaked stealth flying behind the one that crashed can be seen for at least 8 seconds, from seconds 00:24 to 00:31 in this video taken apparently from Brooklyn. At least part of this very same footage was also presented in MSNBC.

Two aerial devices that also appeared at HBO's In Memoriam (filmed by Mike Toole, from The FeedRoom) with view from Desbrosses Street) can be seen next at the bottom right, minutes 06:17-06:19:


A second back escort aircraft could also be seen in the news footage, presented for example by Daniel Hopsicker in the 2003 documentary Mohamed Atta & The Venice (Florida) Flying Circus [http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3078676897490409360] (clearer in the original big screen video), there from seconds 14:52-57 and at the start of NOVA's documentary Why The Towers Fell, and several times in The Learning Channel documentary World Trade Center Anatomy of the Collapse. That escort can also be seen at: http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit11/911.wtc.2.hit.east.bridge.avi

Another back escort moving forward can be seen at:
http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit8/chopper-140.jpg [also presented in the Documentary of American Experience: Episode 8 NY Center of the World.]

2) Front escorts (including and additional to the one reported in the above document):
Flying farther west, approximately over Battery Park, according to the paper above (without any notice by newscasters Aaron Brown or Paula Zahn).

The same original CNN video has been frozen frame by frame (48 frames) at: http://thewebfairy.com/whatzit/jetcrash/act_two
This Park Foreman's footage was also seen n the PBS documentary "New York - Center of the World" Episode 8, in America Remembers by CNN, and in Zero Hour, from National Geographic's Inside 9/11... Examples of the Park Foreman MPEG video can be seen at CNN: its longer start, its events in the middle, and its longer end. The middle events where also presented at the already mentioned PBS - American Experience.

Somebody wrote related to this footage: "Hello. I took these shots from CNN right off the tape they were running on TV. I noticed how the plane kept changing shape, how the front of the plane looked different in the air. All around the plane are glowing balls of light; spheres [flying] on the buildings. Also after the plane enters the building waiting on the other side of the building is this object hovering in the sky. It is not a helicopter!REAL VIDEO

The next video presents an additional front escort flying faster, from ABC, aired in APTN, from Europe): 911.wtc.2.hit.southeast.far.away.2.avi

The next web pages study the front escort plane flying at a higher altitude (some seconds before the second hit to the WTC, this one is the one mentioned in the upper pdf paper): http://911review.org/planenew2.html , http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit13 , http://thewebfairy.com/911/eh , http://911tvfakery.blogspot.com/2006/07/another-no-plane-witness-sees-white.html This white plane was also presented in the documentary Zero Hour, from the miniseries Inside 9/11 by National Geographic. (To see this clip in MPEG 1, click here.)

The Naudets video from Gamma Press captured several cloaked stealth near the area of the first WTC hit (i.e., from at least frames 824 to 876): http://thewebfairy.com/whatzit/new/1stplane835.jpg
Here you can see the original Naudet / Gamma Press footage and its figures analyzing it
And here you can see another view of the crime (Hlava's) and the presence of the cloaked vehicles on the precise area of the impact.
Pictures from the crime-scene:
From Naudet:
Cloaked stealth at the top of the other twin tower
Cloaked stealth still at the top of the other twin tower
Cloaked stealth now in a lower position and approaching the site of the crash in the other WTC tower
Cloaked stealth nearer to the crash site
From Hlava:
Cloaked stealth front-guiding the crashing aircraft
Same picture as before in a bigger size and without the red guiding.
Cloaked stealth closer to the crashing aircraft and front-guiding it just before the crash.
Same picture as the previous one, bigger size, no red guiding.

More "front escorts" can be seen at:
http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit7/1212-0071.jpg ,

In the next footage you can see a flashing device between the towers under the smoke while the big explosion is going on: http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit11/911.wtc.2.hit.east.fireball.mpg

3) The Blackop "Monitors":

To see their fast and full motion within second seven, go to the clip (similar devices seen after the first WTC hit in the Gamma Press - Naudet's film): http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2271902205297617293

Those fast moving "birdets" (rockets for some) can be seen when observing carefully, like in the footage taken by Naudet:
http://terrorize.dk/911/naudet/rocket.25.fps.gif , http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1067115895042630083

Naudet frames (9/11 Commemorative Edition) of another white cloaked stealth above the smoke: Frame 25, Frame 27, Frame 29, Frame 32: http://www.thewebfairy.com/911/bluebeam/911-32.jpg

Two close-ups of another white flying device seen at 911: http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/gunblast21.gif , http://thewebfairy.com/whatzit/gunblast21a.gif

Its frozen frame with the legend "The mushroom cloud on the left shows building #6 collapsing with an orb above it before the two trade towers fell" together with the next: "Ironically there was a blinking orb directly above WTC building #7 as it fell straight down" can be seen at the bottom of:

Another picture depicting one of the cloaked vehicles guiding the second crashing aircraft: http://thewebfairy.com/whatzit/j3/japanese_whatzit.jpg
The same cloaked artifact was captured by another camera that was closer to the crime scene.

Next, a different video that captured from the opposite side one front escort (in that online video, check the velocity of the bigger one on its moving from bottom to top): http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/WTC2.html
From the previous video, here is the frozen sequence: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/WTC2/IMAG0004.JPG
A bigger image of the final sequence of the black and fast stealth.

This picture clearly shows multiple cloaked side "escorts" of the second crashing aircraft If we see the luminous globes from the opposite side we can be able to see their "black backs".

One similar big stealth smoke-camouflaged, pressumably retriever of the smaller "escorts" was also captured by Naudet (seen here at the left side).

An Asian TV cut of the previous one presented here: http://thewebfairy.com/whatzit/j3/index.htm (the same TV cut also was seen at VH1 (CBS), there at minutes 2:58-3:08 (more news evidence in that big video). Originally at CBS with Dan Rather's comments).

To see a picture of a similar cloaked aircraft near the upper right, go to :
http://www.september-11th.us/Archive.html And there search for the picture entitled: plane2m.jpg

More flying devices indicating an extremely inside U.S.A. high-tech operation in charge of 911:
http://thewebfairy.com/911/slideshow/911whatzit/index.shtml (see also, the advanced "monitoring" devices used by the real perpetrators of the crimes of 911 in a close-up by Ray Ubinger, which clearly cloaks itself and that can be seen in the video 911 eyewitness (link to the full video) as a bird-like device that flies in concentric circles at the left side of the towers, which reminds us of the secretive technology available since the 1990s.) Another site also points out for the presence of similar objects: http://www.terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit1 , http://terrorize.dk/911/wtcfire7/wtc.orb.php , http://www.terrorize.dk/911/naudet/woolworth.php , etc...

Video as presented by FOX of the same clip provided by Gamma Press that we saw above showcased at VH1 that shows a stealth: http://www.attackonamerica.net/f-15atwtc.mpg , as concluded here, another place with the same video indicates that pictures of the cloaked stealth (black dot moving) printed both by Reuters News Agency and by The Washington Post matches the movement of the stealth filmed by Gamma Press and distributed to FOX, CBS, VH1, etc. and then, removed from the viewers ‘memory’ (however, in that web-site we read: "there was a link to the original video at foxnews.com. Of course, I went to foxnews.com and saw the video many times. I also made still shots from the video. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available for viewing at foxnews.com": http://www.geocities.com/streakingobject/02Dots.html , http://www.geocities.com/streakingobject/03invisibleCat.html ,
Then, pictures taken Live from WABC: http://www.geocities.com/streakingobject/westview.html
The same aerial objects can be seen, with the next statements: "The only other black orb I've seen was hovering over and around the towers of the WTC during the 9-11 attacks" "The black orb moves directly above one the second tower that is hit and erupts into a fireball":
Then, we read de next: "Notice the object darting away after the second world trade center tower was hit on 9-11" "This slender black object looks remarkably similar to the stealth bomber from New Years 2003" "The stealthy object seems to have come from the black cloud of smoke above the first tower": http://www.orbwar.com/slender-stealth-bomber-B2.htm

Two Pentagon planes can be seen from minutes 27:06 to 28:01, together with abundance of information, in the movie: Loose Change, Version 2.

Also, a white aerial device over the 911 Pentagon: http://www.rense.com/1.imagesG/pentagon.jpg

Line of Pentagon employees in normal clothes covering-up or stealing the evidence of the crime scene perpetrated by the Pentagon itself (there from minutes 2:06 to 3:12, footage presented once at FOX News): http://www.reopen911.org/video/Reopen911_part_7.wmv

The odd shapes of the WTC crashing devices and the other odd crashes can be seen in the film: In Plane Site, The Directors Cut: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5239334224660559722
& From other website: Ghost Gun UA175. Conclusion:
Having looked over films and photographs of the [WTC-]UA175 aircraft and considered Boeing 767-200 performance issues I can safely say that the [WTC-]UA175 aircraft was not a production model Boeing 767-200 manufactured in Seattle or any other kind of conventional aircraft.

Another website shows more devices used by the high-tech military-industry complex blessed by the U.S. Government and its secret crooked agencies that perpetrated the crimes of 911:
at least 11 military stealth crafts [flied] close by the south tower.
…. optical deception and cloaking...

And these unconventional devices were also surrounded by multiple helicopters during the whole Black Operation 911, before, during and immediately after.

A saab was also seen supervising the awful 911 events.


Those aerial vehicles were, of course, absolutely ignored by the 9/11 Commission, as well as the demolition of WTC 7 at 5:25 PM in the same day of 911, the presence of survivors inside elevators, like Mary Baldizzi who descended from floor 104, those blasts and explosions felt, heard and seen by millions of eyewitnesses before and during the collapse of the three towers, the existence of the 47 center and solid steel structures from the WTC towers 1 and 2, etc., etc...
We have in film, in multiple documentaries and newscasts, the moving images of ultramodern aerial devices "escorting" its WTC's Tower target, plus other aerial devices camouflaged as "birds", "bats", "smoke clouds", etc...

So, as more and more evidence indicates, those events of 911 were a secretive or covert "Black Operation." We don't want to be lied to and attacked again by secretive programs that our taxes are sponsoring without even the full knowledge of Congress. We elected Congressmen to stand for truth and to stand for the people against deranged individuals such as the PNACs plus Cambone and his superiors until the highest echelon. Hopefully our readers will remember 911 this year with a knowledge-based analysis in place of superficial TV sitcoms... We wrote to our Congressman (read more of his brief related articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23) and we encourage everybody to do the same (Write Your Representative, search your zip+4 code), for the future of your children and for a dignified U.S.A. Have a 2006 Honorable 9/11 Patriot Day!

Records of the take-off and landing of each one of the vehicles presented in this site must exist. A FOIA request to the FAA should be filled for all of them. If there is no FAA response, we can assume that they are military members of black operations. They are indeed automatically suspect.

The 911 Skies

If you want to be a "History Detective", an Expert in 911 studies, it is priority for you to do a careful analysis of the original sources to slowly track the 911 skies. You may want to see every documentary and newscast containing original footage of 911 portraying its sky.

Apart of the original newscasts of the day, we, for example suggest the next documentaries that show the 911 sky (of course, there are more):

1) In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01 (2002), HBO Home Video,

2) PBS NOVA "Why the Towers Fell," originally broadcast on Tuesday, April 30, 2002, Also available at Amazon,

3) WTC: The First 24 Hours (9.11.2001) (Widescreen), Clamshell, NTSC,

4) PBS American Experience, NY episode eight: "New York: V8 Center Of The World",

5) CNN Tribute - America Remembers. Online at, Part 1: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclipsTwentyfive/911_CNN_Tribute_America_Remembers_911_Cd1.mpg
Part 2: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips19/14cnntributeamericaremembers2.mpg

6) Abundant CameraPlanet clips filmed by live witnesses (including their movies "Seven Days in September" and "Witness 9.11"),

7) 9/11 - The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition (2002) ,

8) The Learning Channel 2002 documentary: World Trade Center Anatomy of the Collapse

9) History Channel, A&E's "The Anatomy of September 11th" In full at YouTube, the A&E U.S.A. edition.

10) 911 Eyewitness, by Rick Siegel:
"911 Eyewitness Website" (link to some samples)

11) Compilations of 911 newscasts:
Historical/Research 9-11 video, 68 min, unedited (2001) :
Index to multilanguage videos:

12) Loose Change V. 2:

13) How the Twin Towers Collapsed, Discovery Channel (check there min. 18:00, 22:40-24:50, 33:00-34:20... ) RealPlayer

14) The Fall of the World Trade Center, Horizon - UKTV, BBC - WGBH, in full at YouTube (check there min. 13:30, 22:50, 29:18, 30:20, 31:17, 36:45...) Real Player (Transcript)

15) What We Saw: The Events of September 11, 2001, in Words, Pictures, and Video, by CBS News, Dan Rather (narrator).

16) The World Trade Center: Rise And Fall Of An American Icon. The History Channel. In full at YouTube.


17) Inside 911, National Geographic, episodes: Zero Hour and End Game.

18) September 11, 2001: What We Saw, by Bob and Bri, from Tribeca Pointe, NY. See here the Google Video.

19) 17 clips from Goldfish Pictures available at Google Video: Part 1, Part 2.

20) 911 Mysteries (currently available Part 1: Demolitions)

21) CNN continuous coverage: The first 167 minutes (2 hs 43 min:) http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips19/onecnn911first167minutes.mpeg (2.1 GB), the next 45 minutes: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips19/twocnn911takenfrompipeline.mpeg (474 MB), then, CNN from 12:21 to 3:40 PM: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips23/911cnnfrom12_21to3_40.mpg, and CNN from 3:40 to 7:23 PM: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips24/1cnnfrom3_40to7_23PM.mpg. plus the last hours of CNN transmission on 9/11: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips19/11cnn911takenfrompipeline.mpeg , http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips19/12cnn911takenfrompipeline.mpeg, etc... etc…

22) ABC coverage: Part 1: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips20/911abc1of6.mpg

Part 2: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips20/911abc2of6.mpg

Part 3: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips21/Abc_911_3Of6.mpg

Part 4: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips21/Abc_911_4Of6.mpg

Part 5: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips22/Abc_911_5Of6.mpg

Part 6: http://www.archive.org/download/stealth911keyclips22/Abc_911_6Of6.mpg

23) Footage from FOX news as presented in the documentary: Global Hawks - What really Hit the Pentagon"" Painful Deceptions DVD Part 7 (.wmv 3.6 megs.): http://www.reopen911.org/video/Reopen911_part_7.wmv

24) Portion of the Film of Luis Alonso as presented by MSNBC: http://ia331333.us.archive.org/0/items/ChristianBornag911SKIES6/1msnbcinv24hsluisalonso.mpeg

25) In Plane Site, The Director’s Cut, by Dave vonKleist, from The Power Hour: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5239334224660559722

26) Compilation of the evidence of explosives used to demolish the WTC: SEPTEMBER 11: Evidence to the Contrary REDUX 2006

27) By Alex Jones, who warned the Nation about attacks before 911 ; Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State; 911 The Road To Tyranny; Terrorstorm...

Etc., etc.

And, if you are compelled to, to take action according to it (like signing Dr. Jones' petition).

Scholars Call for Release of 9/11 Information

5. Audio tapes of interviews with air traffic controllers on-duty on 9/11 were intentionally destroyed by crushing the cassette by hand, cutting the tape into little pieces, and then dropping the pieces in different trash cans around the building. We demand an explanation for this destruction of evidence and ask that the possible existence of other copies of such tapes or perhaps of written transcripts of the interviews be pursued. All air traffic controllers on-duty on 9/11 should be allowed to testify during a public forum under oath.

See, for example:

F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers' Statements

FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tape

9/11 air traffic controller statements destroyed

Controllers' 9/11 Tape Destroyed, Report Says

Tape of 9/11 air traffic controllers destroyed

Also read, from:

Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11 . Joseph P. Firmage http://firmage.org 2006-08-08

21 Third large airplane in restricted airspace over Manhattan during attacks

Commercial jets are prohibited from flying at low altitudes around the borough of Manhattan. Of course, two planes violated that rule on 9/11 to tragic effect. However video, photographic and eyewitness testimony has clearly placed a third commercial-size jet aircraft circling at low altitude while the first tower is burning and continuing as the second tower is struck. No such plane is mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report or in any official investigation. If it was a commercial jet, it was flying illegally, its pilot was taking risks flying close to billowing clouds of smoke and was presenting an obvious target for the fighters that would arrive too late. It is not plausible that this third plane was a commercial passenger flight.

The complicity theories resolve the mystery of the third aircraft: it was most likely involved in the operation, perhaps providing observational data and/or offering a flying platform nearby to manage part of the attack – a platform that could get in and get out quickly and relatively discreetly. It would also explain Bush’s statement that he saw the first plane strike the WTC before the rest of the world could have [Editor's Note: Read comments on it].

Note that the author of the article revealing the third plane claims that he has received threats against himself and his family for having written the article (referenced below). The author reported that the source of these threats suggested that he drop out of the 9/11 research project and that his article should "go away".
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks, Journal of 9/11 Studies, vol. 1:26-39. Available at: http://www.journalof911studies.com

To voice their indignation, Scholars For Truth are asking as many readers as possible to sign their petition:
The original of it can be found in their website as well as linked through the living article of Dr. Steven E. Jones:
Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?
Who participated in the American Scholars Symposium organized by Alex Jones (see a collage of Alex Jones videoclips here):

"Steve Jones has now tested steel samples from two different sites that both clearly show the use of thermate as a tool of implosion and the analysis has been verified by two other Universities."

9/11 thefts not prosecuted

See also: http://911stealth.blogspot.com/2006/07/911-insider-trading.html
Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11
by Kevin Ryan
November 18, 2010
"...investigations were initiated by the governments of Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Monte Carlo, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, and others... the people identified as having been involved in the suspicious trades were seen as unlikely to have been associated with those alleged to have committed the 9/11 crimes... example of the circular logic often used by those who created the official explanations for 9/11... those who were involved in the trades did not appear to be connected to those assumed perpetrators... someone did profit through securities transactions but, based on the Commission’s assumptions of guilt, those who profited were not associated with those who were guilty of conducting the attacks. In a footnote, the Commission report acknowledged “highly suspicious trading on its face,” but said that this trading on United Airlines was traced back to “A single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda”... Belgian Finance Minister, Didier Reynders, said that there were strong suspicions that British markets were used for transactions... German central bank president, Ernst Welteke, said his bank conducted a study that strongly indicated “terrorism insider trading” associated with 9/11... The extent of the 9/11-related informed trading was unprecedented. An ABC News Consultant, Jonathan Winer, said, “it’s absolutely unprecedented to see cases of insider trading covering the entire world from Japan to the US to North America to Europe”... SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt gave testimony to the House Financial Services Committee at the time, saying, “We will do everything in our power to track those people down and bring them to justice”... Mary Bender, chief regulatory officer at the CBOE, stated "...The point is to find people who are connected to these heinous crimes”... The people ultimately found included an unnamed customer of Deutsche Bank's Alex Brown (DBAB). This involved a trade on United Airlines (UAL) stock consisting of a 2,500-contract order that was, for some reason, split into chunks of 500 contracts each and then directed to multiple exchanges around the country simultaneously. When the 9/11 Commission report pointed to a “single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda,” it was referring to either DBAB or its customer in that questionable trade...

Alex Brown, the company purchased by Deutsche Bank to become DBAB, was managed by A.B. (Buzzy) Krongard, who left the firm in 1998 to join the CIA as counsel to director George Tenet. Krongard had been a consultant to CIA director James Woolsey in the mid 1990s and, on September 11th, he was the Executive Director of the CIA, the third highest position in the agency... Reporters from The Wall street Journal wrote... “The investigators, acting on a tip from traders, are examining whether terrorists, or people affiliated with terrorist organizations, bought five-year notes, including a single $5 billion trade”... the former German Minister of Technology, Andreas von Buelow, ...said that the value of the informed trades was on the order of $15 billion... On September 21, 2001, the SEC referred two specific transactions to the FBI for criminal investigation as potential informed trades. One of those trades was a September 6, 2001 purchase of 56,000 shares of a company called Stratesec, which in the few years before 9/11 was a security contractor for several of the facilities that were compromised on 9/11... The affected 56,000 shares of Stratesec stock were purchased by a director of the company, Wirt D. Walker III, and his wife Sally Walker... The Stratesec stock that the Walkers purchased doubled in value in the one trading day between September 11th and when the stock market reopened on September 17th. The Commission memorandum suggests that the trade generated a profit of $50,000 for the Walkers. Unfortunately, the FBI did not interview either of the Walkers and they were both cleared of any wrongdoing because they were said to have “no ties to terrorism or other negative information.”... Walker hired a number of Stratesec employees away from a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group called BDM International, which ran secret (black) projects for government agencies... The quality of the FBI investigations, considering the suspects were not even interviewed, was therefore much less than “exhaustive”, as the 9/11 Commission characterized it... The Commission came to the conclusion that no such activity occurred because “the assembled agents expressed no knowledge of the reported hard-drive recovery effort” and “everything at the WTC was pulverized to near powder, making it extremely unlikely that any hard-drives survived”. The truth, however, is that many such hard-drives were recovered from the WTC and were sent to specialist companies to be cleaned and have data recovered. A German company named Convar did a good deal of the recovery work. In December 2001, Reuters reported that “Convar has recovered information from 32 computers that support assumptions of dirty doomsday dealings.” Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert at Convar, testified that “There is a suspicion that some people had advance knowledge of the approximate time of the plane crashes in order to move out amounts exceeding $100 million. They thought that the records of their transactions could not be traced after the main frames were destroyed”... Obviously, the 911 Commission memorandum drafted in August 2003 was not particularly reliable, considering it reported that the FBI and the 911 Commission had no knowledge of any of this... they did a poor job of investigating... Today, however, we know that several peer-reviewed academic papers have reported solid evidence that informed trades did occur. That is, the conclusions reached by the official investigations have now been shown, through scientific analysis, to be quite wrong."

"In 2006, a professor of Finance from the University of Illinois named Allen Poteshman published an analysis of the airline stock option trades preceding the attacks. This study came to the conclusion that an indicator of long put volume was “unusually high which is consistent with informed investors having traded in the option market in advance of the attacks.”[34] Long puts are bets that a stock or option will fall in price."

[34] Allen M. Poteshman, Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, The Journal of Business, 2006, vol. 79, no. 4, http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/503645

"In January 2010, a team of financial experts from Switzerland published evidence for at least thirteen informed trades in which the investors appeared to have had foreknowledge of the attacks. This study focused again on a limited number of companies but, of those, the informed trades centered on five airline companies and four financial companies. The airline companies were American Airlines, United Airlines and Boeing. Three of the financial companies involved were located in the WTC towers and the fourth was Citigroup, which stood to lose doubly as the parent of both Travelers Insurance and the WTC 7 tenant, Salomon Smith Barney.[35]

[35] Marc Chesney, et al, Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets, Social Sciences Research Network, 13 January 2010, http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1522157

"More recently, in April 2010, an international team of experts examined trading activities of options on the Standard & Poors 500 index, as well as a volatility index of the CBOE called VIX. These researchers showed that there was a significant abnormal increase in trading volume in the option market just before the 9/11 attacks, and they demonstrated that this was in contrast to the absence of abnormal trading volume over periods long before the attacks. The study also showed that the relevant abnormal increase in trading volume was not simply due to a declining market.[36] Their findings were “consistent with insiders anticipating the 9-11 attacks.”"

[36] Wing-Keung Wong, et al, Was there Abnormal Trading in the S&P 500 Index Options Prior to the September 11 Attacks?, Social Sciences Research Network, April 2010, http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1588523

"One central bank president (Welteke) said there was irrefutable proof of such trading. This evidence led US regulators to vow, in Congressional testimony, to bring those responsible to justice. Those vows were not fulfilled, as the people in charge of the investigations let the suspects off the hook by conducting weak inquiries and concluding that informed trading could not have occurred if it was not done directly by Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda... "

"People knew in advance about the crimes of 9/11, and they profited from that knowledge. Those people are among us today, and our families and communities are at risk of future terrorist attacks and further criminal profiteering if we do not respond to the evidence."

Other 'smaller' criminals:

AP Enterprise: 9/11 thefts not prosecuted
By Margaret Ebrahim and Pat Milton, Associated Press Writers.
New York - Once-secret documents obtained by The Associated Press show a disaster supply management company went unpunished for Sept. 11 thefts after the government discovered FBI agents and other government officials had stolen artifacts from New York's ground zero… That prompted a broader review that ultimately found 16 government employees, including a top FBI executive and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, had such artifacts from New York or the Pentagon. Those who work near ground zero today are shocked to learn such thefts went unpunished. [Apart of removing evidence,] "To take advantage of people at a time of despair, it's probably one of the worst things human beings can do to another person," said Gregory Broms, Sr., a firefighter with Engine Company 10 at the foot of the former World Trade Center site. "It was morally wrong." For years, the two couldn't speak publicly because their whistleblower case remained under seal. They worried similar fraud might have occurred during Katrina. [FBI theft from Ground Zero (the 9/11 World Trade Center crime scene)… the DOJ Office of Inspector General confirmed widespread FBI-takings from Ground Zero.]

"How can we sympathize with Bush when the weight is of his own making? His illegal and immoral war of choice, his secrecy and lies and his arrogance and total disregard for the value of life have come back to haunt him... The real disappointment is that Congress has not held Bush and his cronies accountable. History will do that most certainly... (Ken Cameron, Denmark, Maine)... Weight of the world? Really? The weight George W. Bush carries is not a concern for the world, but a concern for political victory... I sincerely wish it were the weight of the world that Bush felt as he flies safe and secure on Air Force One... I wish he really felt the weight of thousands killed in Iraq... and of his own nation forced to prize security over liberty, secrecy and falsehood over honesty and honor (Joe W. Walker, Gresham, Ore.)... The only weight on Bush's shoulders is the possibility that his personal comfort might be compromised... As you reported, he could not find the time or inclination to discuss the situation in full with his fellow (G8) leaders... The American public is not unreasonable in expecting that its president do the job he was elected to do ( Scott A. Johnson, Seattle, Wash.)... Bush seems to remain the petulant frat boy... [Newsweek, Aug. 14, 2006. P. 14] "The obvious reason why no post-war plan had been prepared was that this war was never intended to end. For the last three years the Bush Administration has been alternately threatening Iran, North Korea and other countries with a military strike. Moreover, in September 2005 the Bush Administration announced a change in its military doctrine to specifically include a nuclear first strike – even without any UN mandate. The recent war in the Middle East was nothing else than a substitute war designed and controlled by the Bush Administration. Its deliberate brutality was intended to escalate this war into an open military conflict between Iran and the U.S... But this plan failed. As this war dragged on and casualties rose, world opinion eventually terminated it. Now is the time to answer urgent questions... Parallel to the global military escalation, the Bush Administration has domestically made every preparation to turn U.S. democracy into a dictatorship. Again under the pretext of fighting terrorism a series of empowerment laws have been passed, including the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Biodefense Act and others. (Matthias Rath, M.D. )" "There you go again, Mr. Bush. When the people get tired of your policies, put the fear card. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, shame on me" (Tracy Brooking, Kennesaw, Ga., Aug. 24, 2006.) A North American United Nations? by Ron Paul, a Texas Congressman. August 2 8, 2006. Globalists and one-world promoters never seem to tire of coming up with ways to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. The most recent attempt comes in the form of the misnamed "Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SPP)." In reality, this new "partnership" will likely make us far less secure and certainly less prosperous... What is a "dialogue"? We don't know. What we do know, however, is that Congressional oversight of what might be one of the most significant developments in recent history is non-existent. Congress has had no role at all in a "dialogue" that many see as a plan for a North American union... a move toward more government control over international trade and an eventual merging of North America into a border-free area... How can establishing a "trilateral regulatory cooperation" not undermine our national sovereignty? ... massive foreign aid transferred from the US taxpayer to foreign governments and well-connected private companies... Also alarming are SPP pledges to "work towards the identification and adoption of best practices relating to the registration of medicinal products." That sounds like the much-criticized Codex Alimentarius, which seeks to radically limit Americans' health freedom... This all adds up to not only more and bigger government, but to the establishment of an unelected mega-government. As the SPP website itself admits, "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America represents a broad and ambitious agenda." I hope my colleagues in Congress and American citizens will join me in opposing any "broad and ambitious" effort to undermine the security and sovereignty of the United States.

Out of the Dog House... Rove unleashed

Cartoon by Nick Anderson (Houston Chronicle). In its Editorial (B8, Thur., June 15, 2006) the cartoon of the mad dog with rabies is portrayed with the next real-life terms:

Rove unleashed
Like Libby, Rove leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame to the press [Note: under the orders of Cheney and Bush, as Bush Told Cheney to Discredit Diplomat Critical of Iraq Policy] he deliberately misled the public by repeatedly and falsely denying his involvement in the leaking of Plame’s occupation. Rove and Libby both assured White House press secretary Scott McLellan that they had nothing to do with the leaks, though it turned out that Rove and Libby had everything to do with them. McClellan’s loss of credibility helped to drive him from the White House, while Rove remains at the president’s side. Plame, no longer at the CIA, is married to former diplomat and administration critic Joseph Wilson. Rove and Libby leaked her identity to the press in an attempt to discredit Wilson, who had challenged the White House line that Saddam Hussein was seeking African uranium. In doing so, Rove and Libby had no compunction about ruining the career of a valued expert on nuclear proliferation, the most dangerous threat to national security. Now that Rove has been cleared of criminal liability after a three-year investigation, he is free to concentrate on crafting republican strategy for the midterm congressional elections in November. If he is successful, he will have supplied fresh evidence that politics is no longer a place for people with a highly refined sense of honor or healthy regard for the truth, and that nice guys finish somewhere between second and last.

Cheney's involvement in the incident can be seen in the movie:

http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/dickcheney the full video “The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney”… “what it involved in terms of costs for others and what history's judgement could be” can be seen at: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/video.html (video that includes a Gamma Press / Naudet clip of the second hit never before aired, "The CBC-CGI aka Cheney 'butter close-up plane'.)

The strategy of "overload and sink" [Hiding the truth in "plain sight" Karl Rove dirty tricks that leak the true material in a way that discredits the facts. -- the leaked Bush Cocaine allegation] utilized by Rove can be seen in the way the book "Fortunate Son", describing the actions of George W. Bush, was shoot down by attacking the writer rather than the valuable information contained in it. The writer (James Hatfield) ended up dead [in the movie Horns and Halos we can see a clip of George Herbert W. Bush moving the cords and his lawyers on behalf of his fortunate son George Jr. in an attempt to scare and to discredit the writer Hatfield, another proof of the dangers of dynasties and clans inside the Government].

Here, you can read the Anatomy of another Rove Dirty Trick, this time against Dan Rather... and the list goes on and on...

Now, if you want to see a video of Rove's close party colleagues since their school days, see "Capitol Crimes", related to the corruption of Jack Abramoff and Ralph E. Reed Jr., plus Grover Norquist, Mike Scanlon, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Craig L. Schelske, George W. Bush, etc... etc... Some of their corrupt emails can be read here and here.

Then read the next: Ex-Aide Says Evangelicals Mocked in White House "Kuo is not the first official from the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives to question the sincerity of the White House officials regarding the program, and to accuse them of being overly political. In a MEMO to journalist Ron Suskind in October 2002, the first director of that office, John DiIulio, wrote that the White House was more interested in writing a bill that would never pass the Senate but could be used for political purposes... with various officials asking him to prepare anything faith-related for public consumption, with little apparent concern for the substance of the matter, in Kuo's recounting of events... Kuo's book "Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction" also says the faith-based initiative office held events to help the GOP in key 2002 races... [So anti-Bush] accusations are coming from an unlikely source: David Kuo, former deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, which channels federal dollars to religious charities. Kuo says the office was misused to rally evangelical Christians, the Republican base voters, to get GOP politicians elected. Not only that, Kuo claims Bush officials mocked evangelical leaders behind their backs, alleging that in the office of political guru Karl Rove they were called "the nuts." "National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as 'ridiculous', 'out of control,' and just plain 'goofy,' " Kuo writes. "You name the important Christian leader, and I have heard them mocked by serious people in serious places," Kuo told "60 Minutes" Sunday night."

The Operation Mockingbird in the Media


APTN, not "Tiger Aspect", credited for the "Brooklyn Bridge Footage"
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At http://www.911conspiracy.tv/2nd_hit.html
Matt wrote:
"Long story short, see Chris Bornag's article, Tracking 9/11: "The Brooklyn Bridge Footage" and its use on the 2003 PsyOps for War [http://www.reocities.com/chrisbornag/brooklyn.htm.
Contrary to Bornag's study, aparchive.com [http://www.aparchive.com/Search.aspx?st=shwc&xslt=scssr&id=75905] gives these details: "Story No. X01885; Title: September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8." Source is "Tiger Aspect."

For a while the shot was attributed to terrorists due to a mistake (or deception) by the mainstream media and/or FBI [http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3660553. The fact that this piece of video was shot or purchased by Associated Press (AP), coupled with the fact that the FBI recently released the video on a DVD in response to a FOIA request, suggests deception [http://www.penttbom.com/. Watch the Penttbom version now

The point of perspective, as calculated by Achimspok [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K-WjsHa_2k#t=1m2s] is -73.994125, 40.704294. "

Matt was credited with one earlier finding:

1 -
"A recent finding by the 9-11_TV_archive showed to me that pieces of the same "Brooklyn Bridge Footage" were seen in a 2002 UK documentary by Michael Attwell and his "MAP-TV": "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" There at time 3:13-16 Then: There at time 0:01-0:17 Then: To
see additional credits at the end. The "Archive" credits for that documentary are:
CBS News
Gamma Press USA
ITN Archive
Tiger Aspect Productions
Erik Tischler

This is the only early source, found by Matt, mentioning "Tiger Aspect Productions".

The other three earlier sources found thus far were:

2a -
The nationwide public broadcasting station PBS – NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" with an airing date: April 30, 2002. At the very beginning of the program, New York’s World Trade Center can be seen from across the East River in Brooklyn while the narrator declares "By now you've seen the images..." [This program has been retransmitted by the same station].

The archive material sources can still be seen online:
Archive Material:
ABC News
Associated Press Television News
CNN Image Source
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Gamma Press USA
ITN Archive
Molesworth Enterprises, Inc.
NBC News Archives
New York City Police Department
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Channel 7

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by the PBS – NOVA, but “Associated Press Television News” which abbreviated is “APTN”).

3 -
By the cable TV, TLC – Discovery, "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse". Release Company: Artisan Entertainment. August 20, 2002. Here, fragments of the footage are seen multiple times in the second part of the program.
The archival material sources that this TLC - Discovery Channel documentary presents are:
ABC Video Source
Conus Communications
Footage Direct
Getty Images
Index Stockshots
Lucia Davis
MacDonald & Associates
Ronald S. Pordy
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

[Archival material found in the French Version of this documentary, entitled: "Les Twin Towers: Autopsie D'Un Effondrement", a darlow production in association with Channel Four &
The Learning Channel. Channel Four Television Corporation MMII]

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by the TLC - Discovery Channel, but, again “APTN”).

4 -
The now fourth source for that same footage was seen in a documentary by Daniel Hopsicker, who released his documentary "Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus" on August 15,

2b -
To determine who did that video, we compared the "Archive Material" credits at the end of the THREE TV documentaries mentioned before. Furthermore, we compared a fourth documentary also aired by PBS-NOVA on 2006, described as the sequel of "Why the Towers Fell" by PBS, whose title was "Building on Ground Zero" and where we can see again the very same ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ footage. [PBS – NOVA 2006]. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wtc
Archival Material:
Associated Press
Television News
Federal Emergency Management Agency
ITN Archive
New York City Police Department
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
James A Bonner Productions - Philadelphia Fire Films
KWTV News 9
Oklahoma City National Memorial

(No "Tiger Aspect" was credited here by PBS – NOVA but the “Associated Press Television News”).

On December of 2003 with the heat of the war on Iraq, an expert investigative newscaster declared that such 9/11 footage: "may be never-before-broadcast video." However, to the best of our knowledge, such video was presented at least FOUR times on 9/11 documentaries before 2003, THREE of them on TV.

With the evidence available at that time the only common source credited for the THREE programs airing the "Brooklyn Bridge Footage" was:
The “Associated Press Television News” (abbreviated as " APTN " by the TLC - Discovery).

It was not until recently, as mentioned by Matt, that the Associated Press posted the next:

"www.aparchive.com [http://www.aparchive.com/Search.aspx?st=shwc&xslt=scssr&id=75905]
gives these details: "Story No. X01885; Title: September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8." Source: "Tiger Aspect."

So, I did a quick check on this "Tiger Aspect" company and this is what I found:

Tiger Aspect, which reportedly had been up for sale in the early 2000s, continued to seek partners in order to broaden the range of its expansion interests.

Targeting International Markets in the 2000s
Tiger Aspect's interests increasingly turned international by the dawn of the 21st century. Tigress Productions, for example, opened an office in Washington, D.C.

If "Tiger Aspect" is the "real" source and not "APTN", why it was not credited by the at least THREE sources mentioned above (PBS - NOVA missing TWICE (in 2002 and 2006) the
opportunity to properly credit it!!!), its archive sources are documented with links to the original PBS station. And the TLC - Discovery Channel not crediting it to "Tiger Aspect" in 2002.

That's why now I conclude that the “Associated Press Television News” is the only common match to the above archival sources and is abbreviated as " APTN " by the TLC - Discovery documentary. So we have written evidences in the end credits of three documentaries that “APTN “was the "friendly" source for the FBI... Why aparchive.com credits it to "Tiger Aspect"? If aparchive.com is wrong, it needs correct it, so I'm sending it this one. Do they have any evidence to support that claim? Does it really matter to anybody anymore? ...

Footage also found at: Sept 11, 2001 #2 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-480304891269991297

Clip 3 of 14 ~ 2:55 - 4:27 of 20:45

P200015 Compilation of videotape of the World Trade Center taken on September 11, 2001 [This video includes 14 clips and runs 20 minutes, 46 seconds. Viewer discretion is advised. Clip one is copyrighted by Goldfish Pictures.] http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov/notablecases/moussaoui/exhibits/prosecution/P200015.html These exhibits were posted on the Internet on July 31, 2006.

Writing to "Tiger Aspect"

Tiger Aspect,
According to the Associated Press video Archive, you are credited with the next 9/11 Brooklyn Bridge Footage:
Page 2. Video 22
September 11th Anniversary Clipreel: Part 8
Tiger Aspect: North Tower On Fire, Plane Hitting South Tower, Shot From Beneath The Brooklyn Bridge
Tiger Aspect. LS Twin Towers (shot from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge), North Tower on fire. CU Towers then pull out to long shot. MS Twin Towers. LS Twin Towers. CU Twin Towers. LS Plane hitting South
Story No: X01885 Source: Tiger Aspect
Date: 11/9/2001

Is that true? How is it that earlier documentaries showing that footage never acknowledged you?

Answer by Tiger Aspect:

"Tiger Aspect" is the owner of the footage, however APTN collects money for anybody else willing to use of this footage.

"On the 18th of June 2010 14:57, in "the statement and report for May10", Associated Press Television News (APTN) asked Tiger Aspect to be invoiced or charged $1157.13 for APTN's use of Tiger Aspect's footage (APTN itself asked Tiger Aspect to be charged those Royalties), now, if anybody else wants to use in a documentary, Associated Press collect/charge for the use of this clip that Tiger Aspect owns."

With this new information, and by checking back the aforementioned documentaries' credits, we see that when Michael Attwell and his "MAP-TV" did "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" ("in the fall" of 2002), only "Tiger Aspect Productions" is mentioned

Public TV first aired it Sept. 1, 2003. http://www.aptonline.org/catalog.nsf/bpt/C62B0C78DDD0725E85256D5F00611E99?OpenDocument
The rtf and pdf of the last link says this on its copyright: © 2002 Michael Atwell Productions/Channel Five.

Bafta Head Says Change Is Good
Publication: The Hollywood Reporter
Date: Tuesday, August 27 2002
"Television producer Michael Attwell on July 2 began a two-year term as chairman of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, succeeding film producer Simon Relph. A veteran of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, Attwell now is managing director of his own production company, MAP-TV. His feature-length documentary "9/11: A Tale of Two Towers" will air in the fall on Channel 5, Discovery Europe, ZDF and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp."

However, in April 30, 2002, "Tiger Aspect Productions" disappears from the credits while "Associated Press Television News" appears in the credits of PBS – NOVA, "Why the Towers Fell" with an airing date: April 30, 2002, and as APTN in August 20, 2002 in the credits of the TLC – Discovery, documentary "World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse". Release Company: Artisan Entertainment.

Concluding: "Tiger Aspect" is the owner, leasing it to APTN, which is the sub-leaser of it.

"broken sticks" wrote om Aug 23 2010, 04:18 PM [Posts: 2,332. Member #105. Joined: Jan 3, 2009]: "Congratulations on something paying off! good work. so the way that reads to me, APTN paid for the rights to play the clip, and used canny legal planning to make money from it whenever its used now? corporate investment in plane videos."

The most recent answer received:
Dear Chris
It was one of Tiger Aspect’s Cameraman who was filming a factual production at the time in NY and heard the 1st plane go into the tower, turned his camera around and filmed the 2nd plane hit. That is how Tiger got the footage.
As for rights cost etc this clip is looked after for us by Benna George at Associated Press.
Many thanks.

YougeneDebs [Posts: 734. Group: Perspectivist. Member #182. Joined: Mar 30, 2009] on Sep 4 2010, 02:22 AM responded:
Just to be clear: "one of Tiger Aspect’s Cameraman" (sic) was 'under' the Brooklyn Bridge when WTC1 was hit, then "turned his camera around and..." -- after waiting some 18 minutes! -- "filmed the 2nd plane hit" at about 9"03??? So, there's some 18 minutes of film prior to the second hit from under the Brooklyn Bridge? Did I get that right?

It seems correct, the documentary aired by TLC - Discovery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yStlfBOIBfo
Shows earlier shots from that camera, with choppers and other smaller aircraft flying around even earlier than their clip presented at:Sept 11, 2001 #2 from Zacarias Moussaoui Trial http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-480304891269991297
Clip 3 of 14 ~ 2:55 - 4:27 of 20:45

The last one sent that was never answered:
Dear Martin,
Can we access its raw footage in its full extension (100%), and the information about the whereabouts of its filmmaker before and after filming it (for example: what was he doing in NY that day, his personal experience of having been there, his memories of 9/11 nine years later, etc.)? Commemorating 9/11, lest we forget...


The Operation Mockingbird in the media is gradually being unmasked as well:

The left and the right "wings," the Democrats and Republicans are indeed the two hands of the same "winged dragon," chosen for the people by crooked monopoly organizations like the Bilderberg Group. You can see by yourself how the corrupt government of Democrat Bill Clinton and Al Gore sold the media to the big companies (yeah, the supposed party FOR the people), eliminating the grass roots little radio and TV stations, allowing media monsters to monopolize the airwaves, like the thousands of Channels bought by the muddy "Clear Channel" and other mock-media. Now is the perverse government of Republicans George W. Bush and Dick Cheney the one in charge of doing the same against this God-given freedom that we have on the Internet to post studies, thoughts and news NOT attended by the corrupted mainstream media. See here the full program number three of "Moyers In America", entitled The Net At Risk. Once you are there, check the full program on the corruption of the Republican party, personified in "Capitol Crimes," featuring hypocrites like Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Mike Scanlon, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, etc., etc.

Alan Colmes - Fox News - 9/11 Inside Job Calls by John Conner #

Sean Hannity Jammed on the 9/11 Inside Job by John Conner #

Michael Savage - The 9/11 Inside Job Call by John Conner #

Bill O'Reilly Spins Away From Bohemian Grove Questions *

Fox's Bill O'Reilly insane behaviour in his own O'Reilly Factor. Jeremy M. Glick son of Port Authority Father killed on WTC dares to say the truth on TV Fox News (4-2-2003.) O'reilly is a joke... "no-spin zone"? Yeah right, he spins everything from the 9-11 truth, to the Bohemian Grove. Watch how Bill O'Reilly bullies Jeremy Glick and shows no sensitivity to what Jeremy is saying. Poor Bill, thought this Kid was gonna roll over in the presence of the 'legend in his own factor zone', Bill was err wrong, Glick creates a situation through facts that blows Bill's right wing truth denying brain implant, Although Glick was wrong about George Bush sr being Director of the CIA funding the Mujahaddin, that started in 1979, and Bush was gone by 1977, apart from that I think he was largely on the nail. After that, off air Bill O'Reilly threatened M. Glick physically and verbally [Glick declared that on a radio interview].

Rick Roberts KFMB Shills for Bohemian Grove *


* To understand the oddities of Bohemian Grove and its research you need to see the next Alex Jones Movie:

The Order of Death (Alex Jones)

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove Photo Montage

Alex Jones - Bush and Kerry members Order of Death

# John Conner has been systematically ridiculed by the Op. Mockinbird gatekeepers, however, hear and see by yourself some of the bold things that John Conner has to say:

John Conner Talks To U.S. Marines about 9/11

John Conner Faxing The White House

The 9/11 Nightmare (Pink Floyd's The Wall 911 Video Remix)

The Resistance Manifesto Trailer

Verichip Commercial [to see the fear factor instilled by mockingbird Hannity to promote the use of the deshumanizing microchip, see the next Alex Jones' clip after min. 3:50]

Terminators - Real Robotic Killers [We know that technology can be used to do good or to wrong-doing, we also know that the final use of Technology, in the prophecy of Revelation will be to do evil at the hands of the Antichrist, believe it or not!]

Dear Sean Hannity (Eminem Stan Satire)

A detailed analysis of the Beheading of Nick Berg indicates that it was done by Bush and collaborators, & now Berg's father and many others are working to oppose more of the Bush crimes against Americans and against Humanity (Not In Our Name, NION). The same are doing more than 400 relatives of the 911 victims (updates for this in particular: one, two, three), and individuals by themselves like the RICO's suit vs. Bush by widow Mariani whose husband was killed by the Black Operation 911. Another group of 911 victims are also suing Saudis, and here.

The rescue of Jessica Lynch was staged, the fake Bin Ladin tape carefully analyzed by Loose Change V.2, media reporters in Iraq are restricted to a four square ugly building being feed by disinformation by the same planners and executors of Black Operation 911. Even the fabrication of a terrorist and the timing of the picture of Al-Zarqawi's face retouched after being killed by a fulminating missile seems to respond to Bush's own political campaign, the same can be said of the London bombings of 7-7-05 (Giuliani was there while Bush was meeting international leaders to convince them to "fight terrorism", yes, the terrorism fabricated by themselves terrorizers...) All the False Flag operation of spreading military strains of Anthrax inside the regular mail was also sponsored by Bush and collaborators.

Another example of operation mockingbird is the spreading of fake, of histories of extraterrestrials, UFOs, alien abductions, etc... all of them calculated and deliberated deceptions to distract the public's attention from the real and very expensive Black Operations that are still developing more and more cloaked aircraft and other concealed devices plus ultramodern weaponry as well as strategies of mass control and public opinion manipulation [Steven Spielberg being one of the foremost black-project dis-informants through his movies]. Prelude to Stealth, Deception and Death, by Keith Harmon Snow (U. of Massachusetts) has been just one of the isolated efforts to unmask the living threat to America and to the world posed by those black operations. That is backfiring over the American Citizens who with their Tax money are unawares financing all of those deeply hidden projects supervised by the CIA and by the other secretive agencies. Here you can see how the UFO phenomenon has been a very secretive program since the end of World War II, secretive technologies brought to the USA by scientists from Germany and Japan, protected by secretive agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc...) and leading to Black Operation 911, covert programs very well known by the Bush Administration, by Cheney, by Rumsfeld, and by the three criminal Bushes with political positions: by Bush, Bush and Bush... And what about Blair's help to Bush? Also the recent British "stopped plot" against terrorists using liquid explosives, may be a big fat lie, as all of that has been... that lie only increased the already big annoyance at the Airports (and all for Bush's False Flag Terrorism, by his Inside Job to "increase his popularity and platform"): "Government connection to UK plot? August 12th, 2006. It appears that George Galloway (pictured in that link), an MP (member of parliament) was highly respected by one of the suspects in the UK plane plot. According to a Sun article, the two met often. Interesting… " [Found by Joel, filed under World News.]

Remember that they have been practicing the Mocking of the Media at least in a grand scale since the CIA - Joint Chiefs of Staff co-sponsored assassination of JFK.

Multiple advanced devices, product of those Black Operations were used on 911 to deceive the American population and the world! Is not right to covertly attack the American population with the very same technologies that they have been financing without knowing it! The same kind of vehicles seen in the Black Operation 911 are the ones developed by the secretive military Black Operations, like the next video taken from Groom Lake (Area 51) since 1990. Compare its movement with one of the birdets filmed by Rick A. Siegel (in MPEG), the camouflage style, the cloaking is also similar to the ones presented here and here. Apart of Mockingbirds, COINTELPROs, Deprogrammers and "reverse psychologists", among many others, are also in full action.

Additional examples confirming the Black Operation 911 deception are the "UFOs" entries for September the 11th 2001:


The next recent video sumarizes the situation: Terrorstorm, by Alex Jones.